Mathematica for Students

How to Get Mathematica | Mathematica Tutorials

How to Get Mathematica

Please follow the link above to learn about Mathematica in the university's computer classrooms/labs.

Your Personal Device

To request Mathematica Desktop and Mathematica Online, follow the directions below.

  1. Create an account (New users only):
    1. Go to and click "Create Account"
    2. Fill out form using an email, and click "Create Wolfram ID"
    3. Check your email and click the link to validate your Wolfram ID
  2. Request access to the product:

Mathematica Desktop

  1. Fill out this form to request an Activation Key
  2. Click the "Product Summary page" link to access your license
  3. Click "Get Downloads" and select "Download" next to your platform
  4. Run the installer on your machine, and enter Activation Key at prompt

Mathematica Online

  1. Fill out this form to request access
  2. Go to Mathematica Online and sign in to access Mathematica Online

Mathematica Tutorials

The first four tutorials are excellent for new users, and can be assigned to students as homework to learn Mathematica outside of class time.

Hands-on Start to Wolfram Mathematica

This tutorial helps you start with Mathematica and learn how to create your first notebook, run calculations, generate visualizations, create interactive models, analyze data, and more.

Mathematica and Wolfram Language Fast Introduction for Math Students (Online Book)

Use this tutorial to learn about solving math problems in the Wolfram Language—from basic arithmetic to integral calculus and beyond.

Hands-on Start to Wolfram Mathematica

Provides a list of new functionality in Mathematica 11, and links to documentation and examples for these new features—including 3D printing, audio processing, machine learning and neural networks, and text and language processing.

How to Topics

Access step-by-step instructions ranging from how to create animations to basic syntax information.

Mathematica Resources

Browse Wolfram's large collection of learning materials and support resources.