What is AppWorx

AppWorx (also known as Application Manager) is an administrative tool with which users may manage process-dependent scheduling. Generally, this system is used by departments that want to schedule Banner jobs on a specified frequency (daily, monthly, or annually).

Administrative Systems Use

  • Schedule and run predefined modules (programs) or chains (groups of programs) that perform data manipulation in a specific order.
  • Submit multiple requests.
  • Review module output, check error messages, and make scheduling changes.
  • Easily check where jobs are in the queue.
  • Change run-time settings via an Operator request if needed.
  • Provide a historical record of batch executions for two years.

Developer Use

  • Automate the scheduling of processes (modules) by combining the requests for multiple processes into a single request-able unit (chain).
  • Provide automated and/or manual parameter settings for modules.
  • Pre-schedule modules and/or chains based on calendars.
  • Pre-schedule modules and/or chains to run at regular internals.
  • Schedule the execution of modules and/or chains based on the existence of data.
  • Setup parameter validation so job parameters can be validated at the time of submission instead of at the time of execution.
  • Submit multiple requests or set up a job stream for overnight processing.
  • Check error codes and dynamically change the execution of processes.
  • Set and enforce complex dependencies between modules and/or chains.

How to Access

If you are off-campus connect to the university using VPN before proceeding.

User can access Appworx directly from the MyIIT portal off the Work tab under the Enterprise Tools channel:


In order to use AppWorx you need:

  • Your MyIIT login credentials.
  • An Appworx Client installed on your desktop.
  • To request access to AppWorx through a management level staff member. Send an email to supportdesk@iit.edu to request access and installation of the Appworx Client on your computer.

Who Manages Banner

The Office of Technology Services supports the maintenance of the Banner system.

CONTACT THE SUPPORT DESK (see across) for any support requests.

Appropriate Functional Use

The use of the Appworx system use varies from department to department. Appworx is generally used for scheduling regular Banner jobs in a central location.