What is Domo

Domo Business Cloud® is reporting software used by Enterprise Systems for business intelligence tools and data visualization. With Domo, you can dynamically integrate data from thousands of sources, turn data into live visualizations, and extend BI directly into workflows and applications that empower your entire organization. At Illinois Tech, business units may use Domo to connect data from various sources and create visual dashboards.

How to Access

Illinois Tech users can login to Domo using the following link: https://iit-edu.domo.com/auth/index.

If you need a user account provisioned, you can request one by emailing supportdesk@iit.edu today.

Who Manages Domo

The Office of Technology Services supports Domo along with the Enterprise Reporting team.

CONTACT THE SUPPORT DESK (see across) for any issues accessing Domo.

Appropriate Functional Use

Users interested in converting standard reports to visual displays and dashboards.