Switching from Google Sign-in to Email and Password Log-in

Users may be using Google to sign into their favorite apps and services such as Spotify. After the transition from Google to Microsoft 365, users will no longer be able to authenticate using a Google account to log in to these services. An example of such a log in option is shown below:

Password Log-in 1

In the Spotify, Twitter, and LinkedIn examples above, clicking “Continue with Google” will forward the user to a Google login screen where they can enter their Illinois Tech email and password to authenticate. This will no longer be supported.

If you are currently using this login method, you may be able to set up a Username/Password for your account instead of logging in with Google by using the “Forgot password?” function available on most websites:

ots log-in 2

An email will be sent to the email address of the account with a link to set a new password. After setting a password, you should now be able to log in using a password instead of authenticating with Google.

Using Spotify as an example, under the account settings, you should now see Email and Password as a login method:

ots login methods

Spotify Account Settings > Login Methods

Not sure which services are linked to your Google sign-in? Visit https://myaccount.google.com/connections while logged into your account to see a list of connected apps and services.