Transferring Data From Illinois Tech Google Account to a Personal Google Account

Google offers a tool to transfer your Illinois Tech Google Drive data and email to a personal Google account.

This tool is limited to Google Drive data and emails. To extract other Google data, such as photos, please see our other articles on Migrating Google Photo Library.

Using the Transfer Tool

Before beginning this process, ensure that the receiving account, your personal account, has enough storage available to accept the data transferring from your Illinois Tech account; this tool does not check before starting. If you run out of space during the process, the process will fail and pause where it is. You cannot stop this process once it has begun or paused.

This tool cannot transfer data within a Shared Drive. To transfer Shared Drive data, follow the “less then 25 files” steps in the Using Takeout to Export Google Workspace Data guide.

This tool will not transfer files/folders that have been shared with you. If appropriate, you will need to request access to these files once more. Review Create Record of Files Shared with me in Google to learn more.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Sign-in with your Illinois Tech Google account.
  3. Enter the destination Google account:
  4. The tool will send a verification to the destination account. Navigate to the Gmail inbox of the destination account and click “Get confirmation code.”

  5. Enter the confirmation code.

  6. Select the Drive data, Gmail, or both using the toggles:
Google transfer image
  1. Select Start Transfer to begin. You will receive a confirmation of the transfer request. Google states that it may take up to a week to transfer the data.