Tenant Services/Rates

IIT/OTS provides Internet access for the companies that are hosted in University Technology Park. The University Technology Park is comprised of: the Incubator (TBC and ERB South), the IIT Tower, and IITRI Life Sciences Building.

List of Services Available for Tenants

Best Effort ServicesCost per Month
Internet bandwidth up to 50 Mbps$50
Internet bandwidth up to 100 Mbps$75
Internet bandwidth up to 250 Mbps$3 per Mbps
Internet bandwidth up to 500 Mbps (This service also includes a voice line)$2.75 per Mbps

All Packages Have the Following Features

  • One static IP address
  • One Ethernet port
  • Upload speed is equal to download speed
  • Complimentary WIFI access across campus (Wi-Fi 802.11ax/ac/g/n where available)
  • Internet connections provided by fiber optic to the building and copper for the last mile connectivity
  • The speed can be increased or decreased at any time
  • No term contract

Add-On Services

  • Upon request, OTS can provide a managed Cisco router for your WAN connection for $10.00/month
  • OTS can provide multiple static IP addresses for $5.00/month/IP
  • Multiple Ethernet ports can be provided for $13.00/month/port
  • Internet Access for speeds higher than 100Mbps need special arrangement


  • Best Effort Services - it means you can occasionally reach the advertised Internet bandwidth, otherwise the speeds will be up to; there is no "minimum of" or "at least".
  • Enterprise Services - the Internet bandwidth is guaranteed regardless of the time of day.

For additional information regarding Tenant telephone, voice mail, and Internet services, click here.

For Network Services questions or issues, please contact the OTS Support Desk.