Smart Technology and Innovation

ITMT 492 - Introduction to Smart Technology

ITMT 593 - Introduction to Smart Technology

ITMD 455/555 - Open Source Intelligent Device Applications

ITMD 456/556 - Intelligent Device Projects

ITMO 444/544 - Cloud Computing Technologies

Courses Related to Smart Technology and Innovation Information Technology and Management

ITMO 542 - Wireless Technologies and Applications

ITMS 448/548 Cyber Security Technologies

ITMS 479/579 Topics in Information Security

Related IPRO Courses

IPRO 497-213 Energy Efficiency Strategies for Chicago Buildings (ECA)

IPRO 497-211 Smart City Labs - Power Over Ethernet Security Systems

IPRO 497-218 Innovations in Assistive Technology

IPRO 338 Techno-economic Analysis of Electrical Smart Grid Technology Solutions