Projects and Research

Our Program and Research Focus

The Digital Systems Technology and Embedded systems program can be defined as using single purpose, small computers to give digital and analog sensors intelligence to control specific tasks in the real world.

Example areas of research include:

  • Mobile Application (Android, iOS, and Windows UWP)
  • Smart Devices & Internet of Things
  • Home automation
  • Solar Power and batteries for off-grid applications and sensors.
  • Mesh networking using ZigBee and 802.15 capable devices.
  • Focusing on wearables-integration of computing capabilities into clothing
  • Technologies relating to voice and face recognition such as Cortana, Siri, and Windows Hello
  • Research into next wave technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Heads-Up Display (HUDs) like Google Glass.

Our Research Focus

Our program is more than hands-on. We have published and presented research papers at the SIGITE/RIIT conference and at the DePaul Law Review based on our research relating to Autonomous Fleet Movement using repurposed commercial drones.

“Students not only do research but are responsible for creating a working prototype and presenting the results at a final presentation day program.” Jeremy Hajek – Professor, School of Applied Technology at Illinois Institute of Technology

Open Source Code

See our open source code created by students with support from faculty.
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Projects With the Brazil Scientific Mobility Program (BSMP)

Data Integrity This repo focuses on creating a native way to assure; integrity, confidentiality, authenticity, and availability in data transferred to and from IoT devices.
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GPU-KVM Passthrough This repo contains code to allow Linux KVM to passthrough PCI/CPU devices with the aim to create on demand GPU processing systems.
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Solar Powered Vision Impaired Augmentation System This repo contains code and schematics for the project to create a solar powered and battery backed vision augmentation system.
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Silent Corruption This repo contains code and schematics for implementing a theory of the ability to detect the presence and decrypt data based on the frequency of its occurrence.
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DNS Malware Control This repo contains code for research purposes to use DNS as a C&C for malware.
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Bluetooth Beacon This is a repo that contains the code and schematics for creating a smart Bluetooth Beacon system.
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Door Opening Warning Sensor This repo contains the code and schematics for creating an early warning system for people walking in creating an early warning system for doors opening into hallways.
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Intelligent Lights This repo contains the code and schematics for the Intelligent Lights Systems.
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Data Analytics and Presentation This repository contains the code for the Data Analytics and Presentation Project - how to display sensor data using Mobile and heads-up-displays.
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Autonomous Drone Application Service This repo contains the software for managing and moving autonomous UAV fleets.
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Internet Small Computer Systems Interface (ISCSI) Packet Injection This is a repo that contains code for creating a system to hijack and insert data into an iSCSI stream.
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