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How to Send the Right Message in Your Professional Emails

Helen Ezenwa

By Helen Ezenwa, Assistant Dean for External Relations and Career Management, Stuart School of Business

What platform do you think is used most often for first impressions these days? How do you think employers get to know you before that first interview?

Many times it happens during the first email or through your online footprint. How you present yourself in that initial engagement with the future employer or contact is so important.

When reaching out to a new contact, it may help to be courteous and express humility in your interaction. Help the individual understand why you are reaching out to them while making your initial introduction. We have found in the career management office that professionals, especially those that have had similar experiences, genuinely would like to be of assistance. However, they may be inundated with work at the time that they receive your message.

If you do not hear back from the contact right away, try not to take it personally. Many professionals’ inboxes fill up quickly with work-related material and your message may get lost in that type of scenario. At times, something that helps to get your message noticed and elicit the intended response may take time through a carefully crafted intentional message to your intended target audience.

The Muse article “How to Write Professional Emails That Get the Results That You Want” does a great job of highlighting steps to crafting that ideal communication and provides examples of different types of emails.

You have a resource in the Career Management Center. Feel free to continue to share any drafted communication with us for assistance in getting the right message across to your professional network and potential future employer.


Helen Ezenwa is Assistant Dean for External Relations and Career Management at Stuart School of Business.

Posted March 18, 2021

Career Conversations is presented by the Stuart School of Business Career Management Center.

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