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Before Classes Begin

New Student Checklist for Spring 2023

The Preterm Academic and Career Essentials Program at Illinois Tech’s Stuart School of Business (Stuart Preterm) is designed to provide new students with socialization events and a basic understanding of Stuart personnel, offices, opportunities, policies, and processes.

As soon as possible, all new students should complete the items listed below. Keep track of any questions you have so that you can ask them once you have access to the Preterm course in Blackboard.

Your educational journey starts with the completion of the Stuart Preterm Program. To prepare for the online course and virtual events, please review the items listed below.

Learn how grad school might differ from your undergraduate experience

Review the items below to keep track of deadlines, learn about events and student organizations, and stay safe on campus

Moving to Chicago?

All students moving to Chicago should plan to arrive on or before Tuesday, January 3, 2023.

  • When choosing living arrangements, remember that Stuart’s graduate courses are held at Illinois Tech’s Conviser Law Center (downtown campus) at 565 West Adams Street
  • Reserve a room if you plan to live in university housing
  • Check-in with the Office of Global Services within 48 hours of arriving in the United States (international students only)

Spring 2023 Stuart Preterm—Online

On Monday, December 12, 2022, new students will gain access to the Stuart Preterm online materials in Blackboard. Stuart Preterm is located in the Hawk’s Nest student organization, a repository of information for Stuart students (Navigation: Blackboard > Organizations > Hawk’s Nest > Preterm).

Go to Blackboard IIT

Access Blackboard with your MYIIT credentials.

Spring 2023 Preterm Syllabus

Stuart Preterm and Graduate Orientation Week

January 3–6, 2023: see syllabus for details


After the Spring 2023 Semester Starts

Stuart School of Business

565 West Adams Street | 4th Floor | Chicago, IL | 60661