Post an On-Campus Position

Career Services Handshake
  1. Sign in or create an account in Handshake as an Employer.
  2. Complete your profile and connect to our school: Illinois Institute of Technology – On-Campus Jobs
    • Make sure to select the name with "On-Campus Jobs" in the title
  3. Click Post a Job from your home dashboard
  4. Complete Job Basics, Job Details, and Job Preferences
  5. IMPORTANT: make sure to select the correct division for your student job. If you don't see your division in the list, contact Student Employment. Once your jobs are posted you can also set up Saved Searches and set up a default search to go straight to your division jobs every time you log in.
  6. The position is then reviewed by Student Employment. Once accepted, you will be notified via email that the position has been posted (typically within one business day). Write down the Job ID number in the email for your records.
  7. Accept applications and interview candidates. Verify that the candidate is eligible to work (see the eligibility section in our handbook and confirm FWS eligibility with the office of Financial Aid).
  8. Select best candidate and offer the job in writing (via email); follow-up with students who were interviewed but not selected.
  9. If you fill a position and need to expire a job post early, click here.

TIP! By default you will see on-campus positions across the university from every department. This allows Student Employment to oversee the hiring process and trouble-shoot issues within each department. (Departments are called "divisions" in Handshake.) To go straight to your department's jobs, we recommend you set up Saved Searches. How to Save a Job Search for Your Division

If you are a new student supervisor, contact Student Employment for additional information and training on hiring processes, and make sure to thoroughly review the Student Employment Handbook.