Required Student Employment Training

The Electronic Payroll Authorization Form (EPAF) system for student hires is the result of a large-scale collaborative effort between the skilled and dedicated staff in the Office of Technology Services (OTS), as well as Payroll, Financial Aid, General Counsel, Human Resources, the Office of Global Services, and Marketing and Communications.

Student Employment Office has developed a training module for everyone who hires or supervises student employees that was implemented across all campuses and colleges: Mies, Chicago-Kent Law, Institute of Design, Rice, Moffett, and Stuart. The policy is outlined below:


Prior to hiring students:

  • All supervisors of student employees,
  • All timesheet approvers, and
  • Any administrative personnel who submit PAs

are required to complete training and pass the associated quiz. This must be done prior to gaining access to the new Electronic Payroll Authorization Form (EPAF) and workflow work list and prior to hiring students.


Online Blackboard module, a 20-minute PowerPoint video that will communicate the new policies and processes.

Post-Training Quiz

You must receive 100% on the quiz in Blackboard to be granted access to the new student EPAF channel to hire and supervise students. The quiz is available in Blackboard and can be accessed using the instructions above and by clicking Test Your Knowledge. If you do not get 100%, you may retake the quiz. 

If there are any questions about the training process, contact the Student Employment Office at