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Student Hiring Policies

The Electronic Payroll Authorization Form (EPAF) system for student hires requires that supervisors of student employees, timesheet approvers or proxies, and any administrative personnel who submit PAs complete training and pass an associated quiz before hiring students. 

Resources for Faculty and Staff

The SEO has developed useful resources for supervisors of student employees for hiring, training and evaluation, including: interview questions with screening template, student onboarding checklist, warning notice form, request for additional hours (temporary), student employment acknowledgement letter, a performance evaluation template, and more. See the resources here or on our Forms and Documents page.

Hiring Information

  • Walk in Hours: Student employment walk in hours have resumed. The walk in hours are held on Mondays to Fridays from 10 a.m. until 4 p.m. in the IIT Tower on the 13th floor in the HR Office.
    Hiring Paperwork: All hiring paperwork along with verification documents should be submitted in person during the walk in hours.

    Minimum Wage: The current Minimum Wage is $15.80 per hour.

    Termination PAs: If a student is no longer working in your department please send a Termination Payroll Authorization to Kathryn Potts at kpotts1@iit.edu (scan and email).

    Handshake Job Postings: If you post a job in handshake – send the job ID number to Kathryn Potts at kpotts1@iit.edu so that the job can be reviewed and approved.

    DSS Hires: If you are hiring a Teaching, Research or Graduate assistant and they student need a social security job offer letter, Please go to the website link HERE and complete the request. Once the letter is ready, I will email it to the student. Please note: I do not know the status of the social security administration timelines for processing students, with that being said, please be mindful to give your student a 2 week start date from the date you request the letter for processing time.

    Graduating Students: The last day for Students workers who will be graduating in December is Friday, December 15th. If you would like to hire your student to continue working with you, they will need to be hired through HR as a temporary employee. Please contact your HRBP for more information about hiring temporary employees. Please send a Termination Payroll Authorization to Kathryn Potts at kpotts1@iit.edu (scan and email).
  • Student Employment Training: If you know that a supervisor is leaving and they are in charge of approving timesheets for students, please make sure to follow the guidelines below to ensure that all students can submit their time and be compensated without a break in the process.
    • Contact the Student employment office at: 312.567.5729 or seo1@iit.edu.
    • Send a list of all students along with their A numbers that will be affected to kpotts1@iit.edu along with the A number of the person who is to take over approving timesheets for the affected students prior to the person leaving if at all possible.
    • Cease from entering any EPAFs listing the person who is leaving as one of the approvers.
    • Make sure that there are 2 approved approvers in your department that can approve the EPAF. This is to ensure that the EPAF does not get stuck in the queue of anyone that is no longer at the university. All EPAFs need 2 approvers.
    • Any full time employee who has a desire to become an approver will need to take the Student Hiring Training and quiz. You can contact Kathryn Potts at kpotts1@iit.edu for further instructions on enrolling yourself in the Blackboard training for students.
    • If you have completed training, please email your name and A-number to kpotts1@iit.edu so that you can receive access to the Student EPAF channel and the workflow worklist channel. Read more about this training here.
  • Resources: Don’t forget to see the resources for students and supervisors on our website under Forms and Documents, like interview question templates, an onboarding checklist, a warning notice form, and more!

As always, we welcome your feedback and questions and appreciate your efforts as supervisors and mentors to our students.

Federal Work-Study Allocations

  • As of fall 2016: 65% of students' earnings will come from the FWS program
  • The remaining 35% will be paid by the department up to the eligible award amount.

Employment Compliance

Employment law states that students are not permitted to start working until all paperwork has been submitted and approved. Students must wait to receive an email from the Office of Student Employment stating they can work. Failure to submit paperwork will delay your on-campus start date. Unless otherwise noted students only have to submit the paperwork one time to the student employment office for processing.

Please follow processes on this website for hiring students.

Hiring Students