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Work experience is a vital and significant component in preparing students for a future career; after all, you want your student to be prepared for a career once they graduate. Preparation begins even before the student arrives on campus. Here are some ways in which parents can assist their students in career development:

  1. Encourage your student to explore employment options if permitted by their academic workload. Students can find part-time employment on-campus or an off-campus internship to gain experience and earn “pocket money” but their priority should be their academics.
  2. Talk to your student about the importance of career exploration through job shadowing, interviewing, networking with professionals, and internships. Hands-on experience exposes your student to the workings of the actual job and work environment, and teaches them skills beyond the classroom.
  3. Advise your student to visit the Career Services office. Career Development Coaches help your student with resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn accounts, interviewing preparation, “soft skills,” and much more, through workshops, events, and coaching sessions.

Come to Campus Prepared

  1. Make sure your student has the necessary documentation and identification to complete mandatory employment forms. Please refer to our forms page to see what forms are required and what documentation is needed to complete the New Student Employee paperwork. The required documents must be original. We cannot accept photocopies, PDFs or faxes. Students must fill out this paperwork within three days of beginning employment. Please note, this paperwork cannot be completed until the student has secured a job.
  2. All Student Employment information and forms are available under Forms and Documents.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) by Parents

What types of employment opportunities are available to students?
Federal Work- Study, Student Assistant, and Graduate Assistant positions are available on "Handshake" the Illinois Tech job board.

Will my child need a resume?
Yes, students needs to apply for the position and the process mirrors real world applications. If the student needs help creating or updating the resume, the Career Services Office can assist.

How will my child be paid?
Direct Deposit is available or a paper check is issued.

How much will my child be paid?
Illinois Tech requires that students are paid at least minimum wage.

How will this impact my child's education?
To minimize the impact on students studies they can only work up to 20 hours per week.