FAQs for Faculty and Staff

  1. How are terminations done (if student leaves a position before PA end date)?
    The existing paper PA form will be used for terminations until this functionality can be added to the new system.
  2. What if I want to submit a pay rate change for a student who is already working?
    The existing paper PA form will be used for pay rate changes until this functionality can be added to the new system.
  3. Can the preparer also be the supervisor?
    Yes. The supervisor should be Approver 1.
  4. Can the preparer also be an approver?
  5. Can a student employee be a preparer or approver?
    No. Only full-time staff members can be preparers or approvers.
  6. Can an approver review multiple PAs in a single email?
    At this time the approver will have to approve each PA via a separate email.
  7. What if a student is being paid out of a grant account?
    If the student will be paid out of a grant account, list someone from the Grants & Accounting Department as one of the two approvers.
  8. I listed “100%” as the FOAP percentage, why do I get an error that the FOAP percentage is invalid?
    You only need to type “100” in the FOAP percentage field. Do not include the percent sign.
  9. Can I manually type in the start and end dates?
    No. Electronic PAs cannot be back-dated, so you must use the calendars to select the start and end dates.
  10. How do I delete a PA?
    If you have not yet submitted the PA, you can just close it out without saving. If you have already submitted it to the approvers, have them reject the PA. If you have already submitted the PA to the SEO, call SEO to have them reject it. Once the PA has been approved by SEO, it cannot be canceled.
  11. What do I do if nothing appears in the Position Control # drop down menu when I try to complete the Conditions of Employment on the PA?
    Make sure that you have entered the correct Hiring Organization code. Your department should know this number or you can find it as the second set of numbers (four-digits) in the FOAP.
  1. How many credit hours does a student need to be registered for to work on campus?
    Domestic students, graduate and undergraduate, must be registered at least part-time. International students must be enrolled full-time, which is 9 credit hours for graduate students and 12 credit hours for undergraduate students. If the student is a TA or RA, enrollment must be for 6 credit hours. For Chicago-Kent, the student must be enrolled for 9 credit hours during the fall and spring semesters or 6 credit hours during the summer semester. Chicago-Kent students who do not fit the credit hour requirement may still be hired as Part-Time Temporary employees through HR.
  2. What if the student does not meet the credit hour requirements, but has an exception on file with the Office of Global Services?
    At this time, the electronic PA will not allow you to complete a PA for students who are not registered for the correct number of hours. If the student has an exception through Office of Global Services, you will need to complete a paper PA.
  3. How many hours is a student allowed to work?
    As before, students are not allowed to work more than 20 hours per week during the school year. During breaks, students can work full-time: 40 hours per week (80 per two-week pay period).
  4. Can an EPAF be submitted for an international student if they don’t have a SSN?
    Yes. An EPAF can be submitted for approval at the same time as the student applies for a SSN.
  5. Does the student give the SSN receipt to the Office of Global Services for entry?
    The SEO handles the SSN Receipts for I-9 processing.

    NOTE: When the student receives their social security card they must bring it to the Student Employment Office for completion of I-9 paperwork. The SEO office is located at IIT Tower, 13F4-3.

  6. What if the student begins working before the preparer has the information to complete the PA?
    Students should not begin working until the student and the supervisor have received an email from the SEO confirming that all paperwork has been completed and the student can begin working.
  1. After an EPAF is approved by the SEO when can the student start their online timesheet?
    Within 24 hours of the PA approval by the SEO the student will be able to start entering time in their online timesheet.

    NOTE: The SEO cannot approve PAs the Friday, Monday or Tuesday before a bi-weekly pay date. This means the student will not see their online timesheet until the Thursday before that pay date. For example, for the pay period January 25 to February 7, 2009 any PA submitted February 6 – 10 cannot be approved by the SEO before Wednesday, February 11.

  2. When can a student start to work?
    The student and supervisor will receive an email notification that the student is eligible to start to work.
  3. How does the preparer know that a student has completed their paperwork for a SSN?
    In the first section of the PA all the necessary documents are listed. The documents that the student has completed are indicated with a check next to the document name.

    NOTE: All paperwork (I-9, W-4, etc.), must be completed in the Office of Student Employment and not by departments. There is an exception to this for Chicago-Kent student employees, whose paperwork can be prepared by the PA preparer and submitted to the Office of Administration & Finance, DTC Suite 265, who then checks for accuracy and submits the paperwork to the SEO. It is the responsibility of the SEO, not the preparers, to check for completion of the paperwork (and SSN). Once all approvals are complete, a notification email is sent to the supervisor. The preparer can always check the status of a PA in the MyIIT channel.

  4. Can I see a list of PAs that I have already approved?
    After a preparer has submitted a PA, but before the approvers have approved it, the PA can be viewed under the “Pending” queue. Once both approvers have approved the PA, the PA can be viewed under the “Submitted to SEO” queue. Once the SEO has approved the PA, however, you will no longer be able to view the PA, so please print out a copy for your records before that time.
  5. What if the student never goes to the SEO to complete her/his paperwork?
    If the supervisor has not received an email from the SEO approving the student to begin work, it is possible that the student has not completed his/her paperwork. Please remind the student to go in and provide the unchecked documents at the top of the PA. The SEO will attempt to follow-up with students after three days to remind them to come in and will reject PAs after a week if the student has not come in.
  6. My PA has been approved. Why can't I see my student employee in my time sheet queue?
    This may be because the student has not started his or her time sheet. Students do not show up for the pay period until they have started their time sheets.
  1. Does the system notify supervisors when a FWS student is nearing the dollar limit for their work study award?
    No. New PAs will be rejected by the SEO if the student is nearing the FWS limit at the time the PA is submitted. The FWS field in the electronic PA only indicates the full amount of FWS money the student has been awarded and accepted for the year, not the remaining balance. Until this functionality can be added to the new system, preparers should call Financial Aid at x7-7219 to find out the student's remaining FWS balance. Once the PA is approved and the student is working, the department is responsible for continuing to monitor a student employee's FWS limit (and can call Financial Aid with questions).
  2. What if I want to switch the payment of my student employee from Federal Work-Study to Non-Federal Work-Study?
    In order to prevent the students from continuing to be paid out of FWS funds, please submit a paper termination PA to the Student Employment Office to terminate the FWS position. If you would like to continue to employ the student, and plan to pay him/her out of your department budget, please submit a "re-hire" PA through the electronic PA system using your department's FOAP.