Campus Safety and Security

Get Registered for IIT Alerts and Download the Rave Guardian App

If you have not registered your mobile number for the IIT Alert system, use this link if you are a student, faculty, or staff member. Others may use the form at this link. It is very important to register your cell phone number if you want to increase your ability to take prompt protective action in the event of an alert. Otherwise, alerts will only be delivered to your Illinois Tech email address, and you may not know about them until you check your email.

You can also download the Rave Guardian app, which allows users to create a profile with information that they would like Illinois Tech Public Safety to know whenever the user contacts them through the app. This can include, but is not limited to a picture, an address, and a vehicle description/license plate number. Other benefits of the Rave Guardian app include a directory of useful phone numbers with easy dialing, a friend and family safety tracking timer, public safety chat capability, links to useful resources, and the ability to receive alerts as push notifications through the app.

When a user contacts Public Safety through the app, it will show them the profile and the user’s location, which will help them respond with even more precision. 

The Rave Guardian app is currently available on the App Store and Google Play. When an Illinois Tech student, staff member, or faculty member inputs their information into the app, it becomes tailored to Illinois Tech.

Advice on Staying Safe

A few recommendations to help you stay safe anywhere, not just on campus:

Be Smart With Your Smartphone

Used correctly, these devices are a great safety aid. Programming the Public Safety emergency number, 312.808.6363, into your device will speed up your ability to call for help, and registering your mobile number in IIT Alert will speed your receipt of critical communications. 

However, make sure to keep your device out of sight when you are walking outdoors. It is valuable to a thief who can get cash for it on the underground market on the same day. Using your device while you walk displays it to a potential thief as an opportunity, and your distraction makes you an easy target. Don’t use earbuds when walking, either, as that is a potential distraction as well. And we’ve all seen enough warnings about texting and driving to know better. But when you leave campus in the evening, we care about you and your safe return, so it can’t be said enough. 

Walk Smart

  • Walk in groups when possible; there really is protection in numbers
  • Stay in well-lit areas and plan your route in advance
  • Stay alert to your surroundings, with your head up, your eyes looking about, and your cell phone out of sight
  • Don’t stop to give directions or talk with strangers
  • If you think you are being followed, take evasive action by crossing to the other side of the street, changing direction, or varying your pace, and call Public Safety (or 911 if you are off campus) for help

Ride Smart

  • If you have a significant concern for your safety, feel free to use the Public Safety Escort Services
  • Do not look at your devices while driving
  • On public transit:
    • Choose a seat near the bus driver or train conductor
    • Avoid isolated bus or train stops
    • Don’t fall asleep
    • Keep your belongings on your lap
    • Be prepared, and know the schedules and the route you are taking

Stay in Touch

  • If you are traveling off campus—especially if you are walking—use the Safety Timers feature on the Rave Guardian app to let someone know when you leave, where you are going, and when you expect to arrive.
  • Get to know your Public Safety officers. They are here for you, so don’t hesitate to say hello.
  • Look around for emergency call stations around campus, so you are familiar with where they are.
  • Visit the Public Safety website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page for helpful information, including information about on- and off-campus public safety escorts.
  • Program the emergency number 312.808.6363 for Illinois Tech’s Public Safety into your phone.
  • And, once again, register your mobile number in IIT Alert.