Postal Information

Important information about how to receive mail on campus

The Campus Business Services Center (CBSC) looks forward to seeing you this fall semester. We’re here to support the mail and package needs of our campus resident students, in addition to our other services. Residence Hall students are assigned a mailbox. If you have not done so already, please pick up your mailbox key at the CBSC in the McCormick Tribune Campus Center (MTCC 514) beginning Monday, August 14. We are open Monday - Friday, 8am -5pm. Returning residents may continue to use their existing key if you did not return it last spring.  Your assigned mailbox and its mailbox number is intended to remain the same from year to year as long as you plan to stay in campus housing. 

Please have your planned mail and packages sent to campus addressed as follows:

Student First and Last Name

3201 South State Street

Mailbox Number

Chicago, Illinois 60616


Please check your mailbox regularly.

We will notify you by email when we have received any packages for you. Please try to pick up your packages within (2) business days. Present your HawkCard ID and tell us your mailbox number during package pickup.

Please keep hold of your mailbox key. 

If you lose the mailbox key, you can request a new one online. The key must also be returned to the university upon your final move-out. There is a $35 replacement fee for lost mailbox keys. To issue a new key to you within (2) business days, we will assign a new mailbox to you, which has a new key readily available. You may pick up your mail from our service counter while your replacement is being processed.

Final Move-Out

Please return your mailbox key to the Campus Business Services Center (MTCC 514) once you move to the Quad, off campus, or graduate. If the mailbox key is not returned within (2) weeks after final  move-out, the $35 replacement fee must be paid online by the same deadline. This fee is required for locksmith services to replace the missing key. 

Please contact us at 312.567.8968 or with any questions.