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Board of Advisors

Thomas D. Brisbin (ENVE ’80)

Chairman of the Board and CEO
Willdan Group, Inc.

Fred Dew (CE ’70)
Michael J. Graff (ChE ’77)

President and CEO
American Air Liquide Holdings, Inc.

David Greer (ChE ’90)

R&D Director
Honeywell UOP

James Herzog (M.S. CS ’95)

Director of Data Science and Analytics

Jadwiga Roguska-Kyts
Peter Kelly III (ME ’01, M.S. ECE ’05)

Senior Vice President, Fossil Power Technologies
Sargent & Lundy, LLC

Bruce Liimatainen (ME ’77)
Linda S. Manning

Groupe Manning, LLC
Retired Manager in Transmission and Distribution Operation

Bhakta B. Rath (Ph.D. METM ’63)

Directorate and Associate Director of Research
Head, Materials Science and Component Technology Directorate
United States Naval Research Laboratory

Timothy Stojka

Chief Executive Officer
Fast Heat, Inc.

Mark Wallace (BSEE, EE ’88)

Vice President and General Manager
Keysight Technologies

Henry J. West (ME ’65)

Executive Vice President
The Marmon Group

Armour College of Engineering

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