Photo of Carrie Hall and student working on an engine in the lab

Board of Advisors


Michael J. Graff (ChE '77; Illinois Tech Trustee)

Chairman and CEO
American Air Liquide Holdings, Inc.


Anita Burke (ME '90)

Product Development & Program Management Executive
Global Engineering

Piyush Desai (EE '04, Ph.D. EE '09)

Vice President & Co-Founder
Turntide Technologies

Fred Dew (CE '70)

Retired Renewable Energy Consultant

Jim Gagnard (EE '69; Illinois Tech Trustee)

Managing Director
Rocket Wagon Industrial IoT Studio

Marc Hannah (EE '77; Illinois Tech Trustee)

Independent Computer Hardware Professional
Hannah Technologies, NVIDIA

Pete Kelly (ME '01, M.S. ECE '05, Illinois Tech Trustee)

Project Director & Power Industry Executive

Peter Matic (ME '77)

Associate Director of Research
Naval Research Laboratory, Materials Science and Component Technology Directorate

Mike Mikula (ME '91; M.S. MME '93)

Director of Manufacturing, Vehicle Programs
Ford Motor Co.

John Olin (ME '61; Illinois Tech Trustee)

Retired Chairman and Founder
Sierra Instruments

Catherine Tojaga, P.E. (ME '91)

CT Mechanical

Mark Wallace (BSEE, EE '88)

Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales
Keysight Technologies

Mae Whiteside Williams (CE '99)

Founder & CEO
CKL Engineers

Armour College of Engineering

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