Peer mentors are students who are currently enrolled at Illinois Tech and have both the personal knowledge and the experience of navigating the academic, co-curricular, extra-curricular, professional, and personal landscapes. Using the collective knowledge of their training and experience, they are available to answer students’ questions about life at Illinois Tech and in Chicago and to share their success stories in order to make your transition more pleasant and less daunting.

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Hello, everyone! I’m Temitope Adedeji, but you can call me Temi! As an architecture major from the vibrant city of Lagos, Nigeria, I’m thrilled to connect with all of you.

I enjoy reading, cooking, meeting with people, and listening to music.

I’m here to support and assist you on your incredible journey at Illinois Tech. If you have any questions or need guidance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I’m here to provide a helping hand, share valuable insights, and offer support.

I’m eagerly looking forward to this journey with all of you.



Hi! How are you doing? Do you have any doubts before joining the Hawk family? :D

Let me introduce myself, I am a graduate student in information technology and management at Illinois Tech and I am pursuing a double master’s degree thanks to the agreement between the Technical University of Madrid and Illinois Tech. Moreover, I am part of the Yield Engagement and Academic Coaching programs, in addition to being part of the university’s tennis team and volunteering at the Clinical Nutrition Research Center at Illinois Tech. Finally, I want to tell you that I am also a professional violinist and high-performance handball player in Spain…In short, your fellow hawk!

As an international student, I have experienced many things during my time at the university and I love to help all kinds of students who come with the same doubts that I came to this wonderful university with.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the great Hawk family and be amazed by the campus, the people, the university events, and more at the great Illinois Tech of Chicago! I promise you it will be an unforgettable experience and it will be a cakewalk if you let me help you along the way.

You know where I am! I’m waiting for you! :D



Hi there... :)

My name is John Erbynn (Erb). I am a graduate student at Illinois Tech pursuing a Master of Science in Computer Science with a specialization in Software Engineering.

I am passionate about data structures & algorithms, software programming, cloud technologies, and building scalable software solutions, having worked as a professional Software Engineer prior to joining IIT.

I am a member of the Chicago Java User Group tech community and serve as a Peer Engagement Mentor at IIT here on campus.

When I am not behind the keyboard, I’m either listening to Afrobeat music or exploring Downtown Chicago and its surroundings.

I have extensive experience helping students navigate their academic journeys.  
As an international student from Ghana, I understand that transitioning into college in the US can be full of uncertainties. My goal is to hear your story, connect with you, share my experiences, and support you before and during your time here in the great Illinois Tech community.

Let’s connect! Schedule a one-on-one call on Calendly. I’d be more than happy to help!  




Hi there! My name is Chimdindu Ezenwaka, you can call me Dindu. It is my pleasure to welcome you to Illinois Tech.

I am an LLM (masters in Law) student at the Chicago-Kent Campus, in the Legal Innovation and Technology program. I am a member of the Black Law Students, the Student Bar Association and the Treasurer of the National Security Law Society.

I love to play the violin and teach it even; I love how the violin lets me express myself through music. In my spare time, I love to listen to music, swim and ride my bicycle.

Settling into a new school as an international student is not easy at all, and having experienced that plus having had some help, I am very pleased to make your acquaintance and help you settle into Illinois Tech especially as my Peer Engagement Mentor role gives me the privilege to. I am very open to conversing with you, feel free to reach out to me with your questions no matter what they might be. Having been in your position before, I have an idea what your concerns might be.  

Bringing you ease and peace would be my utmost priority. Whether it is finding academic resources or finding your way around the campus, or sharing some academic strategies with you, I will have great pleasure in meeting with and sharing my knowledge & experience with you. Schedule a one-on-one meeting with me through my Calendly link. See you soon!



My name is Alan Golubitsky, and I am a fourth-year Aerospace Engineering student at Illinois Tech. I am from Cleveland, Ohio, and a member of the Track team and Naval Reserve Officer Training Corps (NROTC) at Illinois Tech. I was also the founding president of Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEΠ ) here at IIT and am involved in several on-campus jobs. Through my four years here, I’ve gained much experience and knowledge, which I can hopefully pass on to you. 

When I’m not busy studying for an exam or at practice, I love to read, work out, and hang out with friends. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions about Aerospace Engineering, College, Chicago, or anything! Schedule a one-on-one with me on Calendly. Thanks!  

Peer Mentor - Sujia Guo

Hello, friend! It's so great to meet you! My name is Sujia, and I'm a sophomore studying computer science. I love hanging out with friends, exploring the city of Chicago, and taking walks by the lakeside.

As an international student from China, my first year at IIT has been filled with growth and new friendships. If you’re an international student like me, I’m sure you can relate. I promise you it will be an amazing, fulfilling, and rewarding experience!  

Let’s schedule a meeting to chat about any questions, thoughts, and ‘what-ifs.’ I’m so excited to share my experiences with you as you prepare to join Illinois Tech! 



Thanks for stopping by my name is Beatrice, and my friends call me Betty. I am a Second Year Masters Student studying Management Science specializing in Quantitative Finance.  When I am not solving mathematical solutions or looking up Financial Markets I like listening to music, spending time with my friends, and taking walks. There are lots of places to visit around Chicago and Chicagoans are very friendly.

It feels like yesterday when I was applying for my graduate studies with so many questions and anxieties over what this journey was going to be like. If you are an international student like me, I know this resonates with you as well. I promise you it will be exciting, fulfilling, and rewarding.

I work as an Engagement Mentor at IIT and it would be my pleasure to walk with you as you continue on your academic journey. Please schedule a meeting with me where we can discuss this more. Bring your questions, your thoughts, your whys, and What-ifs, and let us have a chat. I am excited to share with you my experience as you prepare to join Illinois Tech.  




Hey, what’s up? I’m Chinedu, a second-year student here at Illinois Tech majoring in statistics and minoring in economics. I love playing basketball at Keating Sports Center on the weekends and biking through downtown Chicago. I am a mentor in the university’s Empowerment, Leadership, and Mentorship Program which helps incoming students land safely at our college. I am also part of the university’s Ethics Center team where we have one of the largest codes of ethics collections in the world ranging from big tech companies, workers unions, and even the Mafia.

Coming to college for the first time, especially as an international student could be a somewhat unfamiliar, strange, and stressful process. Trust me, I was in your shoes not too long ago. Thankfully, I had amazing peer mentors to guide me through the process and even my journey in Illinois Tech so far.

I would very much like to guide you through the steps of transitioning into college and map out your vision for an ideal college experience. Do reach out, and we could schedule a one-on-one meeting.



My name is Lola Ogbe, and I am a second-year graduate student specializing in Computer Information Systems within the Information Technology Management program. As an international student from Nigeria, I have found the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) to be a welcoming and inclusive environment, particularly for students from diverse backgrounds.

In addition to my academic pursuits, I serve as a student engagement mentor. This role allows me to support and guide new and current students in navigating their academic and social lives at IIT. I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people, learning about their unique experiences, and helping them feel at home on campus.

Outside of my school responsibilities, I love exploring new places in downtown Chicago. The city's vibrant culture, rich history, and numerous attractions provide a perfect backdrop for adventures and relaxation.

One of the reasons I chose IIT is its commitment to fostering a supportive community for international students. The university offers various resources and programs designed to help us adjust to a new academic system and culture.

If you have any questions about the university, whether they are related to academics, student life, or exploring Chicago, I am here to help. Please do not hesitate to schedule a one-on-one meeting with me and I’ll be glad to help. I look forward to sharing my experiences and assisting you in making the most of your time at IIT.

Thank you,


My name is Genevieve Onyekaonwu, and I’m a second-year student pursuing my studies in chemical engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology.

In my free time, I find joy and inspiration in various forms of art, including attending art exhibitions, practicing drawing, and watching horror movies. Exploring the city, discovering hidden gems, and immersing myself in music that resonates with me are other activities that bring me happiness. These creative and adventurous pursuits offer endless inspiration and opportunities for self-expression and contemplation.

I’m excited for what the future holds in my academic journey. My goal is to use my education and skills to make a meaningful impact in the world, whether it’s through research, innovation, or advocacy.

Feel free to reach out to me if you need any help navigating campus life as a new student—I’d be more than happy to help!



Before I get to know you, I’d like to introduce myself first! My name is Yejin Park, but you can call me Paige - that's what I go by. I'm a Senior majoring in ITM (Information Technology & Management). I transferred to IIT from my university in South Korea last year, which means I've had the chance to experience the full spectrum of college life in the US over the past academic year.

A little about me: I have a passion for photography (I own three cameras), enjoy R&B and house music (you should definitely give FKJ's music a listen), adore spending time in cafes (I could visit one thrice a day), and I'm quite the cook (mostly Korean cuisine if you're curious). If any of these interests resonate with you, I'm sure we can find time to enjoy them together!

As your mentor, I will do my best to support and assist you to have a successful first year at IIT. This means I'm here to address questions about campus life, offer advice on academic triumphs, and lend an ear when you're facing any mental challenges. Please feel free to reach out to me via email!

I can't wait to meet each and every one of you.

You can reach me at:



Hi there! Hope you’re doing well! My name is Miguel Cozar, and I am here to help and guide you through your process of being part of the Illinois Tech family.

I am a master’s student pursuing an M.S. in Artificial Intelligence. One year ago, like you, my whole life changed completely, and I decided to leave Spain, my home country, to join an adventure that changed me forever. Here I became part of a place, Illinois Tech, in which excellence is combined with an environment of unique diversity and coexistence of cultures.

On campus, I’ve been part of several events, from late-night parties and holy runs to playing soccer on the Illinois Tech internal league. However, I’ve also faced the uncertainty you are facing right now. A year ago, like you, I had the possibility to speak with a mentor that helped me throughout the process, and I want to now give to you what he gave to me.

So, are you ready to let me help you? You know where I am and how to contact me. Let me guide you and join the Illinois Tech family!