Strategic Plan 2014-2019

Moving Forward:
A Strategic Plan for Illinois Institute of Technology

2014-2019 Strategic Plan - FULL PDF

In spring 2008, an exciting new chapter of IIT history was launched as the Board of Trustees enthusiastically endorsed plans for a university-wide planning process aimed at reestablishing the university as a major force in higher education. That plan, Many Voices, One Vision: 2010-2014, helped focus the institution’s initiatives and strengthen its infrastructure—and it is now time to move the university forward into a new era of accomplishment and excellence.

Many Voices, One Vision 2014-2019, Moving Forward: A Strategic Plan for Illinois Institute of Technology, is more than a continuation of the original plan. It is a statement of intent—about where IIT will concentrate its focus and its resources. It is also a statement of resolve—to find new ways to achieve excellence and fiscal stability while holding fast to the mission and vision that has guided the university for 125 years.

Moving Forward Strategic Plan 2014-2019

2014-2019 Strategic Plan