Human Resources

Other Benefits

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit of payroll checks provides the transfer of funds from IIT's bank facilities directly to your bank or savings institution.

Credit Union

Membership with Corporate America Family Credit Union is available to Illinois Tech employees and their families. With CAFCU membership you may have access to financial products such lower loan rates, higher interest savings accounts, one-on-on financial planning meetings, and more. To get started, visit You can also click on the links below for additional information.

CAFCU Brochure (781 KB)

PNC Workplace Banking

Through a business banking partnership with PNC, we are pleased to be able to offer access to PNC's WorkPlace Banking program. This program can help improve your financial wellness with access to PNC products, tools, resources, and financial specialists. The PNC WorkPlace Banking program also includes certain offers and rewards for employees on select financial products and services, and helps make banking easy and convenient through onsite or virtual sessions with a dedicated team of PNC WorkPlace Banking consultants. Click on the PDF below for more information, and watch IIT Today for information about upcoming workshops.

Other Services on Campus

State Street Campus Parking

Information and fee schedules for State Street campus parking are available at

Keating Sports Center

Athletic facilities available are basketball, volleyball, racquetball/ handball, swimming pool, and fitness room. Visit their website for more information.

IIT Tower Gym

A fitness center with a weight circuit, cardio machines, and additional fitness equipment is located on the 6th floor of the IIT Tower. To gain access, contact Usha Gilmore at


On the State Street Campus there are several dining options, ATMs from Chase and Harris Banks, 7-Eleven, and post office. The Adams Street Campus has a cafeteria and Chase ATM. Both campuses have Barnes & Noble college bookstores.

Equinox Fitness Clubs Partnership

Illinois Tech faculty, staff, students, and alumni have access to preferred pricing and more through our High Performance Living Program partnership. Additional benefits include first-time spa and shop discounts, complimentary first-time personal training and pilates sessions, unlimited group fitness classes, and more. Click here for additional information, including how to get started!

Travel Accident Insurance

For Illinois Tech Faculty and Staff traveling on university business, we offer Travel Accident Insurance (those who are traveling on personal business have access to travel assistance services through the Group Life program). This benefit includes not only services for those who need medical attention while traveling, but also assistance with pre-trip planning with requirements such as vaccinations, visas, and other needs. Click here for additional information.

Galvin Library Resources for Faculty and Staff

Illinois Tech community members have access to a variety of resources through Galvin Library. Faculty and staff can book spaces such as the Media Studio and interview booths. If there are publications to which you do not have a subscription, you may be able to access articles through Galvin Library (for example: the Chronicle of Higher Education, the New York Times, and the Wall Street Journal). For other items you may need that are not available at Galvin, there are borrowing options through the interlibrary loan and Illinois I-share library programs. If you need a break, there are board games and puzzles, and an art gallery to peruse. For more information on all of these services and more, visit their website.