Photo of Carrie Hall and student working on an engine in the lab

Letter from the Dean


Welcome to Illinois Tech’s Armour College of Engineering. I am honored to serve as the acting dean and invite you to explore our legacy and plans to forge Armour’s next phase of impact in service to humanity.

Innovation, collaboration, and student success not only inspire us as educators, but they also are at the heart of Armour College. Our Distinctive Education approach to undergraduate education integrates innovative thought, entrepreneurship, creativity, and design with engineering theory, research, and practice. Resources such as the Armour R&D Program and Illinois Tech’s Ed Kaplan Family Institute for Innovation and Tech Entrepreneurship provide students with hands-on experience that is highly valued in the engineering profession.

Research led by Armour faculty, together with students enrolled in our research-based master’s and doctoral programs, is advancing fundamental discovery and yielding technological solutions to societal challenges. Our professional master’s degree and certificate programs address the rapidly evolving technological landscape and serve as excellent opportunities for upskilling and reskilling.

Proudly, 41 Armour College faculty and alumni are members of the National Academy of Engineering, and many faculty have been recognized with notable awards in their fields. Alumni innovators from Armour College include Ed Kaplan, a pioneer in barcode technology; Marty Cooper, the inventor of the cell phone; Rohit Prasad, the head scientist for Amazon Alexa; Anita Burke, former chief engineer for the GMC Canyon and Chevrolet Colorado trucks; Charles Pierce, the country’s first-known African-American degree-holding chemical engineer; and many more.

I invite you to join our engineering community, which is well-positioned to help drive Chicago’s continued rise as a global technology and innovation hub. An Armour College education will not only prepare you to respond adeptly to emerging technologies and workforce needs, but it will also cultivate your growth as a leader and innovator.

Kevin W. Cassel
Acting Dean, Armour College of Engineering

Armour College of Engineering

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