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Letter from the Dean

Natacha DePaola

There is no better time to be an engineer.

The current challenges faced by humanity have no geographical or cultural boundaries, and engineers hold the key to innovative, sustainable solutions.

Engineering and technology are instruments for the advancement of humankind. Great world challenges spanning from struggling world economies, environmental and energy crisis, and international warfare and conflicts, to social, educational, and health inequities represent an opportunity for engineers to contribute and make a difference.

At Armour College of Engineering, we educate students to be leaders in the development and use of multidisciplinary approaches and technology to solve complex, socially critical problems. We are committed to excellence in technology-focused education with a renewed emphasis on the entrepreneurial and ethical practice of engineering.

The distinctive and relevant engineering education at Illinois Tech emphasizes the human skills essential to success. Leadership, entrepreneurship, and ethics are built into the curricula and various enrichment educational programs are offered to students. Inspired by the opportunity to apply ongoing learning to current problems of global impact, our engineering students are being prepared to make a contribution on day one and continuing that impact throughout their careers.

Research at Armour is on an aggressive growth mode. Our faculty and students are conducting research in fields of significant impact. The research enterprise at Armour expands from fundamental engineering science research to the development of new technologies with application to current industry and markets.

At Armour, research is conducted by engineering students at all levels. The discovery and creation of new technology is the essence of the doctoral programs in engineering. Our professional masters and continuing education programs in engineering are geared to meet the changing needs of industry and society. Armour R&D is the signature undergraduate engineering research program at Illinois Tech. Designed to enrich our engineering undergraduate programs with the value of laboratory research, Armour R&D provides undergraduate engineering students with early tools for research, the excitement of discovery, and the opportunity to implement ideas.

Engineers are needed now more than ever. We focus our efforts on preparing engineering students to face contemporary challenges and make the world a better place through smart, sustainable solutions that are created and implemented with knowledge, ethics, passion, and compassion for those in need at home and around the world.

An engineering education at Illinois Tech empowers students to a fulfilling career and the satisfaction to help others while contributing to society.

Natacha DePaola
Carol and Ed Kaplan Armour Dean of Engineering

Armour College of Engineering

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