H-1B status is appropriate for most international researchers, faculty, and staff who will work temporarily in a position that requires the minimum of a bachelor’s degree and who will perform work in a specialized skill area. H-1B status allows for immigrant intent and is suitable for tenure-track and non-tenur-track positions. The total duration for H-1B status is six years, filed in a maximum of three-year increments.

The Illinois Institute of Technology host department collects information from the prospective H-1B employee and submits the request forms and supporting documents to the Office of Global Services (OGS). The petition is filed with  United States Citizenship and Immigration Services for processing and adjudication with intermediate processing through the U.S. Department of Labor.

Important Update—Please note that for the time being, Illinois Tech will be utilizing the services of Nancy Vizer’s law firm for all new and extension requests for H-1B status for faculty and staff positions. All sponsoring departments are still required to work with OGS in facilitating this process. You may contact Kemi Onajole at konajole@iit.edu to initiate a new or extension process. Thank you.