Access to Student Educational Records

Students and former students of IIT shall be granted access to all of their personally identifiable education records originated at IIT or submitted to IIT in connection with their admission, employment, or granting of financial assistance.  However, there are four exceptions:

  1. Notes or records of instructors, advisers, or counselors which would not be shown to any other individual except another faculty member, dean, or vice-provost.
  2. For records involving other individuals (e.g., course grade lists), only that portion applicable to the respective student will be disclosed.
  3. Records or statements supplied by the individuals within or outside IIT and other educational institutions or agencies which have been submitted under the assumption of confidentiality in connection with admission, employment, or granting of financial assistance, including:
    1. Financial statements provided by parents for purposes of supporting the student's application for financial aid.
    2. Letters of recommendation written prior to January 1, 1975.
    3. Letters of recommendation written after January 1, 1975, for which the student has signed a waiver of the right to inspect the letter.
    4. Records of medical or psychological tests or treatments; the student nevertheless has the right to obtain a professional explanation of information in such records and to request that the records be referred for inspection to another qualified professional of the student's choice.

In order to view their educational records, a student must make an appointment during regular office hours.

  1. Students wanting to inspect their academic file must complete the "Request for File Information" form.
  2. Student must show proper identification before viewing the file.
  3. A UGAA professional staff must be present with the student when viewing the academic file or other documents.
  4. Student may have a copy of the transcript which has been submitted to IIT.

If a student or a third party requests academic record information by phone, the following information is never given:

  1. Cumulative GPA
  2. Major GPA
  3. Grades
  4. Information regarding dismissal