IPRO Waiver

Waivers for the IPRO course requirement (not semester hour requirement) are considered on a case-by-case basis for part-time students who are employed full-time. Students must be part-time throughout their entire time at IIT to be considered for a waiver. The request must include a resume and documentation of work experience that developed communication and leadership skills, as well as an awareness of economic, marketing, ethical and social issues within the framework of a multidisciplinary team project that must be verified by the employer. Requests must be sent via email to ugaa@iit.edu.

If a request for an IPRO waiver is approved, the student must work with their academic advisor to determine what two courses (six hours) will make up those missing hours.


ROTC students will have one of their two IPRO requirements waived during graduation checkout once we verify they have met all requirements of the ROTC program. 3 hours of their ROTC coursework will then fulfill the missing hours from the IPRO waiver.