Status Change

Students who wish to change a classification and/or registration status must complete the applicable procedures listed below, no later than two weeks prior to registration (or pre-registration).

  1. Students changing from full-time degree-seeking status to part-time degree-seeking status must notify the Office of Financial Aid if they are receiving financial aid. International students with student visas must be registered as full-time students and are not permitted to change to part-time status.
  2. Students changing from part-time degree-seeking status to full-time degree-seeking status must inform their department and obtain the necessary advisor's approval for a full-time course load. Also, students in this category who wish to apply for financial aid must notify the Office of Financial Aid regarding their change of status.
  3. Students changing from non-degree status to full-time or part-time degree-seeking status must submit a change of status form to the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs. Students must have completed at least one semester (12 hours) of relevant coursework at IIT and must be in good academic standing in order to be eligible for changing their status.
  4. Students changing from degree-seeking graduate status to undergraduate full-time or part-time status must submit a reinstatement application to the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs.

Fill out your Change of Status request here.