GCE A-Level AS-Level

General Certificate of Education Examination - Advanced Level and Advanced Subsidiary Level

College credit will be awarded for General Certification of Education (GCE) examinations with a grade of "A", "B", "C", "D", and "E". A maximum of ten (10) credit hours or two (2) courses can be awarded for each advanced level (A-level) examination. A maximum of five (5) credit hours or one (1) course can be awarded for each advanced subsidiary level (AS-level) examination. No credit will be granted for advanced subsidiary level (SL) examination.

Exam Title Credit Hours Awarded Equivalent Course
Biology (A-Level) 3 BIOL 107
Chemistry (AS-Level) 4 CHEM 124
Chemistry (A-Level) 8 CHEM 124 and CHEM 125
Computer Science (AS-Level) 2 CS 115
Computer Science (A-Level) 4 CS 115 and CS 116
Mathematics (AS-Level) 5 MATH 151
Mathematics (A-Level) 10 MATH 151 and MATH 152
Physics (AS-Level) 4 PHYS 123
Physics (A-Level) 8 PHYS 123 and PHYS 221
Psychology (AS-Level) 3 PSYC 221
Psychology (A-Level) 6 PSYC 221 and PSYC 190

Please contact UGAA for more information about other exams not listed above.