On-the-Job Injury

Incident Investigation Form

  1. Individuals who need medical attention should contact Public Safety at 1.312.808.6300 to transport the injured employee to an appropriate facility for treatment. For serious injury emergencies, contact 911 and then contact Public Safety. Student employees who are injured while working should follow up with the Student Health and Wellness Center.
  2. All campuses may also refer injuries to a private physician, emergency room, or call 911 for emergency services. The manager must contact Human Resources immediately to report the injury.
  3. The manager must complete, within the next two working days a Supervisory Investigation Report, found here. Upon receipt, Human Resources will complete the documentation required for the workplace injury, and notify the Director of Environmental Health and Safety for coordination with the state and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration as is needed.
  4. The injured employee is responsible to immediately contact his/her supervisor to report the outcome of treatment and to report the necessity of any further absence from work.
  5. Should the absence endure longer than three work days, wages for lost time are issued by IIT’s claims administrator.
  6. If the employee has been treated by an outside physician, he/she must bring a release from the attending physician and present it to Human Resources before returning to work.
  7. An employee released for work with restrictions must have his/her case reviewed by Human Resources prior to being scheduled to return to work.