Human Resources

Resignation and Exit Process

Employees and Supervisors

This process is for voluntary departures only, such as resignations, retirements, etc. Any Involuntary separations must be initiated with your HR Representative first and they will guide you through the process.

If you plan to resign or retire from the university, please submit a resignation letter to your manager. An email with your last day worked and intention to resign will suffice. When possible, please give at least two weeks notice. If you plan to retire, please notify Viktoria Rill in benefits as well,

If you are a faculty member planning to resign, retire, go on leave, or go on sabbatical, please notify Dionna Anderson and Domenica Pappas immediately. If your role is funded by, or tied to, a grant please notify GCA. This process must be initiated well in advance of your last day worked. Any retirements should also get in touch with Viktoria Rill.

Arrangements should be made with your manager to return all University property such as keys, ID badge, laptops, credit card, books, etc. All University property must be turned in by your last day of employment. Network Access will be disabled the day after an employees last day worked. If a supervisor needs access to a separated employee’s files, notify the support desk along with the business reason for the request. HR and Legal will need to provide approval. Continuation of access must be requested and follow the OTS process.

Your final paycheck will be issued on the next regularly scheduled pay date following your termination date and submission of your last timesheet, via direct deposit, and will include any unused vacation. All other time off balances will not be paid out. Please make sure to submit your timesheet on your last day. If there will be any exceptions or concerns notify HRBP immediately so they can account for it before the final payment is sent to payroll. Prior to your departure, we recommend saving copies of your last 2-4 paystubs, as well as your most recent W2, as you will likely not have access to the system after your last day.

If you would like a copy of your final paystub, please reach out to the Payroll department directly at

Your benefits will remain active until the end of the month in which you resigned, after which you will need to enroll in COBRA to continue them. That information will be sent by our vendor after your last day. More information can be found here.

  • Cancel items such as commuter benefits and spend down FSA (if applicable)
  • Contact Student Accounting regarding repayment of tuition benefits (if applicable Policy).

If you have direct reports, notify your HRBP immediately of who they will be reporting to until the position is filled, this ensures employees will not have a disruption in having their time approved and receiving pay.

For student employee direct reports, notify SEO immediately -

  • Notify appropriate internal and external business partners.
  • Ensure employee has transitioned their work to the appropriate team members.
  • Set up an out of office on your email and change voicemail to reflect you are no longer with the company as well as who clients should reach out to for support.
  • Reach out to Marketing and Communications, by filling out their project request form, to have yourself removed from external directory.

Departing employees may schedule time to complete an Exit Interview with their HR Representative, or may use the link to complete it on their own.

On your last day, please update your address, personal email, and phone number in Banner Self Service. This ensures that the W-2 & 1095-C forms can be mailed out to the correct address, or that we can contact you if there is an issue.

Supervisors, please notify your HR Representative if you intend on replacing the position or changing the role. Your HR Representative will guide you through this process.

Enclosed please find a publication from the Illinois Department of Employment Security regarding eligibility for unemployment benefits.  Unemployment benefits in Illinois are managed through the Illinois Department of Employment Security. You can also visit their website at for more information.

Once the dependent reaches the maximum age, WageWorks will notify them of their eligibility for COBRA. The dependent may continue with IIT's insurance plan(s) for up to 36 months. The former dependent will be provided an individual plan, and pay individual rates for COBRA. Please contact Human Resources for COBRA rates.

Once you receive the notification of ending coverage, a previously covered member has 60 days to enroll in COBRA. The forms should be signed and returned to WageWorks as soon as possible. WageWorks will then bill the member for premiums every month by mail.

An employee's last day of work must be spent in the office; a vacation day is not acceptable.