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Master’s Business Programs

Stuart School of Business bridges business and technology to offer rigorous, applied master’s degree programs that prepare students to become leading business, public sector, and nonprofit professionals around the world.

Our graduates are equipped with tech skills, giving them an edge in the job market. Stuart graduates are ready to contribute to any organization from their first day on the job, with leading-edge industry skills and credentials, hands-on experience, and an innovation mindset.

STEM-Designated Programs at Stuart
Most graduate degree programs at Stuart are STEM designated (denoted by * below). International graduates of STEM-designated programs are eligible to apply for an extension for Optional Practical Training, which allows selected students to stay and work in the United States for up to three years after graduation.

Master’s Degrees



Finance and Economics

Management and Entrepreneurship

Dual-Degree Programs

Expand your career opportunities by earning two master’s degrees, with fewer credits required than if you enroll in the programs separately. 

We offer several combinations of Stuart degrees, as well as dual-degree programs that pair Stuart degrees with degrees from Illinois Tech’s Chicago-Kent College of Law and Institute of Design.

Explore Dual-Degree Programs

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