Mies Campus Services and Facilities


Participating in student organizations and activities is considered an integral part of an Illinois Tech education. The co-curricular experience broadens interests, helps students develop leadership skills, and provides the opportunity to interact with others to build the Illinois Tech community. Student membership on executive boards of all registered student organizations is open to full-time, regularly enrolled students in good academic standing. However, general membership in student organizations is open to all full-time and part-time undergraduate and graduate students at Illinois Tech or VanderCook. All students are encouraged to get involved!

A complete list of organizations can be found on the Student Life website at https://hello.suitable.co/iit/. Anyone interested in forming a new organization should contact the Office of Student Life at welcomedesk@iit.edu or at 312.567.3720.

Students are often asked to participate in search committees for academic and administrative positions, university-wide committees for such areas as the policy development (as related to student life on campus), campus life, and discipline. Workshops on student leadership and engagement are offered by the Office of Student Life and the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs. These programs are designed to re-energize and rejuvenate organization members, as well as to provide training for new and returning leaders. Sessions also enable participants to reestablish ties with other student organizations and to meet students, faculty and staff from other areas of campus.

Illinois Tech is a member of NCAA Division III and the Northern Athletic Collegiate Conference (NAAC). The Department of Athletics and Recreation (312.567.7130) offers a comprehensive program of varsity sports, intramural competition, and informal recreation activities for both men and women.  The Scarlet Hawks men’s varsity teams compete in basketball, baseball, cross-country, soccer, swimming and diving, track & field, lacrosse, tennis, and volleyball. Women’s varsity teams compete in basketball, cross-country, lacrosse, swimming and diving, soccer, track & field, tennis, and volleyball. 

All varsity athletes must be regularly enrolled, full-time undergraduates and must maintain academic eligibility.  Graduates of accredited high schools or community colleges are eligible to compete in college athletics immediately upon matriculation. An athlete is permitted four full seasons of intercollegiate competition, which may accumulate at Illinois Tech or in a combination of Illinois Tech and 4 year/ junior college career over a total of 10 semesters of attendance. Illinois Tech does not award athletic scholarships. Please refer to the student-athlete handbook for details on eligibility to participate in intercollegiate athletics.

Illinois Tech affirms that professional and social Fraternity & Sorority organizations constitute an integral part of the campus community.  Recognizing that membership in a Fraternity & Sorority organization is of significant educational value, Illinois Tech supports the concept that membership can be a worthwhile component to a student’s life. Illinois Tech recognizes eight fraternities and two sororities which afford their members leadership development, academic support and a range of social activities. Many of these organizations have received national honors for their services and achievements. Please feel free to contact the Office of Student Life at 312.367.3720 for more information.


Alpha Sigma Phi, Delta Tau Delta, Pi Kappa Phi, Triangle, Phi Kappa Sigma, Sigma Phi Epsilon, and Omega Delta, and Phi Mu Alpha


Alpha Sigma Alpha and Kappa Phi Delta 

Fraternity and Sorority Chapter Houses

The Quad, located at the southeastern corner of the Mies Campus, is home to five fraternity and two sorority chapter houses. The fraternities are generally self-governing with housing corporations staffed by alumni who oversee financial operations and advise the general workings of the organization. The sorority chapter houses are owned and maintained by Illinois Tech. While each fraternity and sorority house has its own unique floor plan and mix of amenities, all houses have a resident advisor (RA), academic liaison, and food service option internal to the chapter. 

For more information about fraternity and sorority living, contact the individual organization leaders and/or the Office of Student Life. You can find contact information on the Student Life website

The annual Clinton E. Stryker dinner and recognition award ceremony recognizes students, and occasionally others, who have made notable contributions to campus life. The Richard F. Babcock Leadership Award, established in 1995, honors an outstanding sophomore or junior who has displayed significant leadership ability. 

The Lincoln Academy Student Laureate award honors an outstanding senior from each of the four-year degree granting institutions of higher learning in Illinois. The award winner receives the Student Lincoln Academy Medallion and thereby becomes a Student Laureate. The recipients attend a special ceremony held in the House of Representatives of the Illinois State Capitol in Springfield, Illinois. 

Criteria for these awards and others can be found on the Illinois Tech Student Affairs website, or by contacting the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs at dos@iit.edu.

Academic Affairs Center - 312.567.3300 - www.iit.edu/academic-affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs provides a variety of academic support services for students from the time of admission to graduation. These services include academic advising, evaluation of transfer credits; official academic program audits; student petitions; change of major, including declaration of dual degree or double major; change of status from non-degree seeking to degree-seeking; certification of student’s eligibility for degree conferral; granting official leave of absence or official withdrawal from Illinois Tech; reinstating former students to Illinois Tech; and monitoring academic progress for probation and dismissal. Academic Affairs is also responsible for overseeing Degree Works and eForms. DegreeWorks is accessed through a student’s academic tab on MyIIT.

Academic Resource Center - 312.567.5216 - www.iit.edu/arc

The Academic Resource Center (ARC) is a comprehensive center with a variety of services for students and faculty. The ARC’s mission is to enrich the academic experience through a student-centered approach to learning. The ARC provides peer tutoring for undergraduate courses in mathematics and the sciences on a drop-in basis and with appointment.

Undergraduate and graduate peer tutors are available during the fall and spring semesters. In addition to peer tutoring, the ARC also offers supplemental instruction, exam reviews, group study space, online tutoring, and a computer laboratory equipped with PCs, Macs and IPads.

The ARC is located in the Galvin Library. It is open Monday through Thursday 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Friday 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM, and Sunday from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM during fall and spring semesters. For more details, visit the ARC website www.iit.edu/arc or call 312.567.5216

Affirmative Action Officer

The Director of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action located in, IT 1900 SW, is the students’ point of contact for complaints of discrimination based on a protected class.

Audio/Visual Equipment - www.iit.edu/event-services

Audio equipment such as laptops, TVs, projectors, and sound systems are available for rental to student organizations and Illinois Tech departments for use in event spaces only on campus for a fee from Event Services. Student Organizations please contact the Office of Campus Life for more information. All other departments and organizations A/V can be requested through the Office of Event Services.

Bicycles, Roller-Skates and Skateboards/Hoverboards

The use of bicycles, skateboards, hoverboards or roller-skates of any kind in any Illinois Tech building is prohibited. Bike racks are located outside many campus buildings. Parking bicycles in the public areas of buildings or chaining them to stairway railings is prohibited. Bicycles found unattended or creating a safety hazard anywhere on campus are subject to removal by the Public Safety Department.

Bookstore (Mies Campus) - 312.567.3120 - iit.bncollege.com

A complete line of books, supplies, architecture/engineering equipment, and Illinois Tech gifts and spirit wear are available in the Illinois Tech Mies Campus, Barnes and Noble Bookstore. The Bookstore is located in the McCormick Tribune Campus Center.

Bookstore (Conviser Law Center) dtc.bncollege.com

The bookstore at the Conviser Law Center, located on the concourse level at 565 W Adams St., sells books and supplies for Chicago-Kent and Stuart School of Business.

Student Life, Office of (Formerly Campus Life)- 312.567.3720 - www.iit.edu/campus-life

The Office of Student Life is committed to fostering a student-centered and transformative campus life experience. Through our programs and services, the Office of Student Life aims to create a collaborative and inclusive environment that encourages innovation and excellence for all students.

The Bog, HH Lower Level - /campus-life/get-involved/bog

Come join us in The BOG (located on the lower level of Hermann Hall). Go bowling for free in our eight-lane bowling alley. Play video games and arcade games, darts, billiards, foosball, air hockey, and ping pong.; You can also check out a band or stand-up comedy performance, or show off your Karaoke skills.

Tech Connect (Family & Supporters Network) - www.iit.edu/campus-life/parent-network

Tech Connect is our community for parents, family members, and supporters of Illinois Tech students. Members of Tech Connect receive a monthly e-newsletter, access to our Facebook page, Illinois Tech swag, and exclusive coupons to use on campus. Additionally, all families and guests are welcome to campus for Family Weekend each year and for volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

Career Services - 312.567.6800 - www.iit.edu/career-services

Located in the McCormick Tribune Campus Center (MTCC), this office provides a comprehensive series of services designed to assist students and alumni in the areas of career development and planning. Programs and services offered include career coaching, internship advising, on-campus/virtual company recruitment activities, and access to Handshake, an online database of jobs and internships. Career Services offers programs on job search skills, resume writing, interviewing skills, and various industry panels throughout the school year. The office also sponsors job fairs during the fall and spring semesters. Note that Stuart School of Business undergraduate and graduate students should utilize the Stuart Career Management Center – 312.906.6506 www.iit.edu/stuart/student-resources/internship-and-career-guidance/stuart-career-management-center

Community Affairs and Outreach - 312.567.8850

Illinois Tech seeks opportunities to proactively partner with its neighbors and make a difference in Bronzeville. The Office of Community Affairs leverages the assets of the university to stimulate economic development, bolster education, and amplify art & culture for residents in Bronzeville and beyond. Connect with the office if you are interested in civic engagement that ranges from volunteerism to community service or organizational partnership. The director may be reached at community@iit.edu.

Community Standards – 312.567.5172 - www.iit.edu/community-standards Email: conduct@iit.edu

As a part of the Office of the Vice Provost of Student Affairs, the Office of Community Standards strives to create opportunities for student success on many levels. Engagement in the community and understanding the culture and expectations is critical in a college student's development. We help facilitate student development through the management of Illinois Tech’s conduct process, responding to concerning behaviors as they relate to student wellness and student conduct, and provide workshops for the community.

Confidential Advisor Services

Illinois law has established the recognized role of "Confidential Advisor", which is as an individual retained by a higher education institution that has certain mandated training and has the duty and ability to provide emergency and ongoing support to students who have experienced sexual misconduct. Illinois Tech has elected to contract for Confidential Advisor services. The provider of such services is:

  • Resilience, located 180 N Michigan Avenue, Suite 600, Chicago, Illinois 60601. The phone number for students needing to access Resilience's 24 hour Confidential Advisor services is 773-907-1062.

Copy and Postal Center - Post Office 312.567.3119 - Office Services 312.567.3069 - www.iit.edu/office-services
The Copy and Postal Center located in the McCormick Tribune Campus Center (MTCC), provides a full range of copy and printing services, which include black-and-white or color photocopying, large format posters, fax and mail services. Mail for McCormick Student Village (MSV) residents will be distributed from the mailboxes located in the MSV McCormick lounge, all other campus housing mail will be distributed to the student mailboxes in MTCC Post Office.

Dining Services - Ext. 312.567.3098 - dineoncampus.com/iit

With venues centrally located on campus you can choose from the following locations for your meals: The Commons, Global Grounds, Center Court, John and Pat Anderson Cafe, and the Bog. Information about the meal plan offerings and hours of operation can be found online.

Disability Resources, Center for - 312.567.5744 - www.iit.edu/cdr

Services for people with disabilities are coordinated by the Center for Disability Resources. Students with disabilities are encouraged to consult with Center staff about their individual needs and access to Illinois Tech facilities by calling 312.567.5744 or emailing disabilities@iit.edu. If you need accommodations, please call the Center Disability Resources as soon as possible. Because some accommodations require advance planning, it is advisable to arrange service in advance to or as close to the beginning of the semester as possible.

Escort Safety Service - 312.808.6310 - www.iit.edu/public-safety/safety-awareness/public-safety-escorts

A Public Safety officer will provide a walking escort to members of the Illinois Tech community to any Illinois Tech facility on Mies Campus. Please refer to the website for more details on safety and transportation.

Financial Aid, Office of – 312.567.7219 or 886.901.186 - www.iit.edu/financial-aid Email: finaid@iit.edu

The Office of Financial Aid seeks to provide financial assistance for students and families. We endeavor to demystify and educate students about the financial aid process. We are committed to providing great student service through friendly, professional, and personalized counseling.

Idea Shop – 312.567.3095 - ideashop.iit.edu - Email: ideashop@iit.edu.

The Idea Shop is located in the Kaplan Institute at 3137 S. Federal Street.

The Idea Shop helps to ignite ideas with cutting-edge tools to enable students to transform their designs, products, and inventions into reality. In this state-of-the-art, rapid-prototyping lab, full-time staff and a diverse group of student workers advise users on equipment use, mechanical and electrical design, embedded systems programming, and much more. As a campus wide resource, students can use the Idea Shop for a class, research project, or their own personal endeavor.

The Idea Shop is comprised of two spaces: The Grainger Maker Space, which houses the general shop tools, laser cutters, and CNC router, and the Janet & Craig Duchossois Idea Shop - also known as the Assembly Area - which houses the 3D printers, CAD and electronics workstations, and ample workspace and storage space.

Identification Cards -312.567.8968 - www.iit.edu/cbsc/campus-access/hawkcard

All faculty, staff, and students of Illinois Tech are required to have an Illinois Tech ID card. Official Illinois Tech Identification cards (HawkCards) are issued through the Campus Business Services Center in the McCormick Tribune Campus Center, Room 514. HawkCards are assigned access to academic buildings, residence halls, Galvin Library, and Keating Sports Center as appropriate.

When requested by a public safety officer or Illinois Tech official, an individual is required to produce an official Illinois Tech ID card. Use of ID cards by anyone other than the person to whom it is issued is prohibited. Unauthorized alteration of an ID card for any purpose is strictly prohibited. Lost, stolen, or malfunctioning ID cards should be reported immediately. A fee may be assessed for replacement HawkCards.

iitAlert - www.iit.edu/iitalert

iitAlert is a mass notification system that enables Illinois Tech to send instant alerts simultaneously to all students, faculty, and staff via cellular phones and other devices connected to a phone number. Notification via or personal email is also an option. The system is another component of Illinois Tech 's communication system (mass email, myIIT portal, IIT Today), allowing Illinois Tech to reach the Illinois Tech community at a moment's notice. Along with the safety of students, privacy is a top priority, and the phone/device numbers are secure and will not be shared with anyone. iitAlert will be used for emergency notifications only, except for an occasional test. You will not receive spam or non-emergency messages.

Center for Learning Innovation - www.iit.edu/cli

The Center for Learning Innovation provides the expertise, resources, and instruction in innovative pedagogies and technologies to advance an inclusive culture of learning excellence, faculty development, and student success. Center staff have years of experience helping faculty with online and in-person course instruction. Instructors can look to the center for assistance in managing faculty development and outreach, and in providing faculty training for online education, instructional design and technology, and pedagogy for both online and classroom learning.

Illinois Tech Today - today.iit.edu/

Illinois Tech Today is the central news source for the Illinois Tech community, noting important academic updates, student organization news, internship and scholarship opportunities, information about events on and off-campus, and stories about students, faculty, staff, and alumni and their accomplishments. If you have won an award, published a paper, or are involved in a project or event you think the Illinois Tech community should know about, contact Illinois Tech Today. Please use the submission form linked at the top of the Illinois Tech Today website to submit content for consideration.

Office of Global Services - 312.567.3680 - www.iit.edu/global-services
Email: global@iit.edu

The Office of Global Services provides assistance to international students, faculty, and scholars at Illinois Tech on matters pertaining to immigration status, personal, and cultural adjustment. The office also assists Illinois Tech students who are interested in studying abroad. Throughout the year, the Office of Global Services coordinates various educational, social, and cultural programs open to all Illinois Tech students, faculty, and staff.

Interprofessional Projects (IPRO) Program - 312.567.3162 - ipro.iit.edu

The IPRO office is located in the Kaplan Institute, 3317 S. Federal Street.

Teamwork, communication, innovation, and complex problem-solving skills make successful professionals. Since 1995, the IPRO team project course has been teaching Illinois Tech students how to excel in the workplace by providing them the practical tools that can make a difference in their professional lives. The IPRO Program engages multidisciplinary teams of undergraduate students in semester-long projects. Corporations, entrepreneurial ventures, non-profits, governmental agencies, Illinois Tech students and faculty bring their organization’s problems/project ideas to us and we put a team of students to work on it.

The interprofessional course is an Illinois Tech general education requirement. All undergraduates must complete at least two 3-credit IPRO courses. Graduate students are encouraged to enroll in an IPRO project course as well, and may receive elective credit toward their degree.

Keating Sports Center - 312.567.3296 - www.illinoistechathletics.com

Facilities for basketball, racquetball, volleyball, badminton, swimming and general exercise are available in the university’s sports center. The building is open during the academic year every day of the week. Ecko Pool free swim hours vary. Building and Pool hours are subject to change during school breaks, holidays and special events.

Libraries - library.iit.edu

Illinois Tech’s libraries include Paul V. Galvin Library (Mies Campus); the Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions (Mies Campus); the Graham Resource Center (Mies Campus); the Chicago-Kent College of Law Library (Conviser Law Center); the Institute for Food Safety and Health Library (Moffett Campus); and University Archives and Special Collections (UASC) (Mies Campus).

Paul V. Galvin Library - 312.567.6847 - (Mies Campus) - library.iit.edu

As Illinois Tech’s central library, Paul V. Galvin Library combines digital access with traditional library services. Galvin Library provides welcoming, student-oriented spaces that accommodate both individual and collaborative learning including reservable group study rooms and spaces for students participating in interviews or video conferences. In addition to 3-D printing, Galvin Library facilitates the use of an electronic cutter and button makers for student and student group use. In addition, laptops, Wi-Fi hotspots, and calculators are available for check-out. Galvin Library’s extensive collections of print materials are enhanced by virtual services that are provided 24 hours per day allowing seamless access to online databases as well as thousands of full text e-journals and e-books. Galvin Library also facilitates access to I-Share, a statewide resource sharing system of more than 90 academic libraries, and provides web-based delivery of materials via interlibrary loan. Galvin Library also manages an institutional repository, open to all Illinois Tech students. Librarians have expertise to support a broad range of subjects and majors and are available for online or in-person assistance. Students can make research appointments for one-on-one research help with a librarian who specializes in their area of study.

University Archives and Special Collections - 312.567.6840 - archives.iit.edu

Part of the Paul V. Galvin Library, University Archives and Special Collections (UASC) holds materials relating to every aspect of Illinois Tech’s history, including non-current university records, papers of faculty members, alumni, and student organizations; publications, photographs, audiovisual materials, artifacts, and more. UASC holdings are non-circulating, and no special credentials or permissions are necessary to use the materials; UASC is open to the Illinois Tech community and general public for research and reference use. UASC staff are also able to assist students, faculty, and staff with archival research, and are available for classroom instruction sessions using primary source materials. Holdings can be searched at archives.iit.edu.

Graham Resource Center (GRC) - 312.567.3256 - (S.R. Crown Hall) - arch.iit.edu/about/library

Located in the heart of Crown Hall, the Graham Resource Center (GRC) offers space, collections, and services in support of the curricula and intellectual life of the College of Architecture. To keep services flexible and responsive to learners' needs, staff collaborate closely with faculty. To be a strong and reliable partner in research and education, the GRC is fully integrated into daily life at the College of Architecture.

A wealth of subjects in architecture, from prehistory to the present, are encompassed by the collection of about 18,000 volumes in a variety of languages and formats. Modernist and contemporary architecture, landscape architecture, and urban design are primary focuses. Complementary disciplines such as construction, art, photography and film, engineering, and sustainability are also well-represented.

Two special research resources augment the GRC reference collections: works on Chicago's history, peoples, land, and architecture comprise the first, putting into context Chicago and its built environment; the second, our "Mies Collection," features a comprehensive Mies van der Rohe bibliography and study collection, as well as materials relating to the history of Illinois Tech's campus and faculty.

Center for the Study of Ethics in the Professions (CSEP) - 312.567.6913 - ethics.iit.edu

The center, located in Hermann Hall, contains a variety of materials dealing with professional and applied ethics, as well as how ethical and social issues arise in scientific research and emerging technologies. Home to the Ethics Codes Collection, the largest collection of codes and ethics and guidelines in the world, the library provides bibliographic assistance to students and researchers and assists visiting scholars and practitioners.

Institute for Food Safety and Health Library – 708.563.8160 - library.iit.edu/ifsh

Located on Illinois Tech’s Moffett Campus in Bedford Park, the branch library at the Institute for Food Safety and Health (IFSH) supports both the academic curriculum for the Department of Food Science and Nutrition, and the food safety and technology research being conducted at IFSH.

A depository library for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the library provides digital access to all of the Galvin Library’s databases, as well as services such as interlibrary loan, web-based document delivery, and library instruction.

Chicago Kent College of Law Library - (Conviser Law Center) - www.kentlaw.iit.edu/library

Chicago-Kent Law Library offers a comfortable library center for study and research with a skilled and friendly staff to support student academic life and faculty scholarship. Professional law librarians possess the expertise to provide research and reference assistance in all areas of law and legal technology training through in-class presentations and personal assistance. The library offers multi-disciplinary print and electronic collections and connects students and faculty to an expanded array of materials through a statewide resource-sharing system and interlibrary loan. Through the library’s website, the law school community has remote access to a wide variety of legal databases, collections, and electronic journals. Library space includes a spacious reading room for independent study and group study rooms for collaborative work.

Lost and Found - 312.808.6300

Lost and found service is maintained by the Public Safety Department, located in Tech Central. All found items should be turned into Public Safety for identification of the rightful owner if possible.

McCormick Tribune Campus Center (MTCC)

The McCormick Tribune Campus Center is all about students. Find programs, services, and facilities such as the Welcome Desk, Mail and Copy Center, Global Grounds coffee café, The Commons dining hall, Center Court dining, student organization offices, WIIT (the student-run radio station), table tennis and pool, the campus bookstore, 7-Eleven, wireless study areas, meeting rooms, and event spaces. Go to a movie, see a concert, attend a lecture or social event, study, volunteer, grab a coffee or tea, and just hang out in the MTCC.

Academic term building hours (excluding holidays) are:

  • Monday through Thursday, 7:00 am – midnight
  • Friday, 7:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Saturday, 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
  • Sunday, 10:00 am - midnight

Events in the Campus and Conference Centers

Use of space in the McCormick Tribune Campus Center and the Hermann Hall Conference Center is available to Illinois Tech departments and recognized student organizations. Space may be requested by student organizations through the Office of Campus Life. For all other departments space may be requested through the Office of Event Services. For further information, you may visit www.iit.edu/event-services.

Event hours (excluding holidays and academic breaks) are:

  • Monday through Friday, 8:00 am – 8:00 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 am – 3:00 pm

Meetings in Classrooms

Use of space in classroom buildings is available to university departments or recognized student organizations when classes are not in session. Classrooms can be reserved by student organizations through the Office of Campus Life. Departments can reserve space through the Office of Event Services. For further information, you may visit www.iit.edu/event-services.

Notary Public - 312.567.3081

Notary service is available in the Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs and the Paul V. Galvin Library.

Ombudsperson -312.567.3642 - www.iit.edu/student-affairs/resources

The Ombudsperson seeks to facilitate the resolution of disputes between students and staff at all levels within Illinois Tech’s Mies Campus. In essence, the Ombudsperson is a mediator, who acts with neutrality and impartiality in an effort to achieve mutually agreed to outcomes. The Ombudsperson is committed to seeking a fair resolution of disputes, but the Ombudsperson does not have the power to impose a resolution. The Ombudsperson can be reached via email at success@iit.edu.

Parking – 312.567.8968 - www.iit.edu/cbsc/parking

All faculty, staff or students who park on campus regularly are expected to purchase a parking permit through the Campus Business Services Center located in the McCormick Tribune Campus Center, Room 514. Current parking permit fees, permit designations, the parking map, and online registration is available by visiting www.iit.edu/cbsc/parking Parking policies are enforced at all times, and a complete copy of these policies can also be obtained online.

Post Office 312.567.3119

See Copy and Postal Center

Department of Public Safety (Tech Central 3424 S State Street) - www.iit.edu/public-safety
312.808-6300 - non-emergency,
312.808-6363 – EMERGENCY

The Department of Public Safety (DPS), headquartered in Tech Central, provides protection services for students, faculty, staff, visitors, the general public and property at Illinois Tech. All public safety officers are employees of Allied Universal Security Service, which provides security and public safety services in many locations throughout the Chicago area.

DPS maintains an excellent working relationship with the Chicago Police Department and other law enforcement agencies. The duties of the DPS include rendering assistance in case of emergency, conducting investigations requested by administration, aiding in quelling any disturbances, enforcing Illinois Tech rules and regulations, and providing support for the escort service. They are required to enforce all regulations, the proper use of buildings and facilities, and other printed regulations.

The Department of Public Safety maintains statistics on crimes and other incidents occurring on campus which are reported in the annual Clery Report. Representatives of the Department of Public Safety are available to discuss crime statistics and to answer questions about security on the campus. Upon request, a member of the department is available to speak to groups about crime prevention and security measures that promote the safety of the Illinois Tech community. Should a member of the Illinois Tech community become the victim of a crime, they should report it immediately to the Department of Public Safety.

Any suspicious persons or suspicious activities should always be immediately reported to the Department of Public Safety. An extensive network of blue-light emergency phones is located throughout the Mies Campus. In an emergency, these call boxes will connect you directly with a DPS dispatcher. In non-emergency situations, call the Public Safety Department at ext. 86300 from any campus phone. For more information you may visit the Public Safety web site at www.iit.edu/public-safety.

  • If you’re at risk: Pick up a campus phone and dial 8.6363. If you are calling from a regular phone, dial 312.808.6363. If you are near an emergency call box, press the button and you will be connected directly to the Public Safety Department.
  • If you need medical help: On a weekday between 9 am and 5 pm, go to the Student Health & Wellness Center in IIT Tower, 10 W. 35th Street, Suite 3D9-1 (3rd floor), 312.567.7550. On the weekend call the Public Safety Department, Tech Central, Room 115, 312.808.6363.
  • If there’s a fire: Pull the nearest fire alarm. Leave the building as quickly as possible. Close all windows and doors and turn off lights if possible. Once outside, call the Public Safety Department, 312.808.6363.

Registrar’s Office 312.567.3100 - www.iit.edu/registrar - Email: registrar@iit.edu

The Office of the Registrar serves as the official data steward of institutional academic information and student records to support the needs of students, faculty, staff, and alumni at Illinois Tech. The office maintains accurate, timely, and secure information to support and enforce academic policy, registration, grading, enrollment and degree certification, course information, the production of diplomas and official transcripts, and other related functions.

RAVE Guardian Safety APP

Rave Guardian is an application for mobile devices that integrates with the Illinois Tech Alert system to allow you to receive Illinois Tech emergency alerts based on your location, even when you don’t have a cell signal. In addition, members of the Illinois Tech community can discreetly contact Public Safety by sending messages through the “Chat” feature or directly call either Public Safety or 911 with the press of a button. Rave Guardian makes it easier to find the campus resources necessary through a list of phone numbers listed in the “Call Directory” section and websites linked within the app’s “Resources” feature.

There is also a “Safety Timer” feature that will notify a contact if you don’t arrive at your destination within the time you’ve allotted. To start using Illinois Tech’s customized Rave Guardian App, simply download Rave Guardian in the Apple App Store or Google Play store, input your Illinois Tech email address and password, and fill out the information it asks for.

Office of Residence Life (ORL)- 312.567.5075 - www.iit.edu/housing - Email: housing@iit.edu

The Office of Residence Life at Illinois Tech supports student residents in on-campus housing facilities. Residence Life focuses on developmental experiences and quality living environments for its residential communities to complement their academic experiences at Illinois Tech.

The residence halls offer a focused and dynamic living and learning environment. In addition, ORL coordinates operational efforts with the Greek chapters on campus.

In addition, ORL supports summer conferences with housing options for conference attendees who wish to live on campus.

Department Mission:

Office of Residence Life promotes inclusive communities that foster the educational and social development of students in safe and well-maintained environments.

Carman Hall (CA)

Carman Hall is an apartment community for families, students with partners, graduate students, and undergraduate students over the age of 23. Residents have the option of a furnished studio or 1-bedroom with den apartment.

Cunningham Hall (CU)

Cunningham Hall is a residence hall for primarily first and second year students that provides an opportunity to connect and interact with a variety of people on a daily basis. The typical Cunningham residence hall room is a traditional double room (two students per room). Large community student and recreational spaces are available on each floor. Laundry, music practice rooms, and fitness equipment are located in the lower level of the building.

George J. Kacek Hall (KH)

George J. Kacek Hall is a first year residence hall that provides an opportunity to connect and interact with a variety of people on a daily basis. The typical Kacek residence hall room is a traditional double room (two students per room). Large community student and recreational spaces are available on each floor. Laundry, vending machines, and additional study spaces are available in the lower level of the building.

Gunsaulus Hall (GU)

Gunsaulus Hall is an apartment community for Juniors, Seniors, and Graduate students. Residents have the option of furnished studio, 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom apartments.

McCormick Student Village (MSV)

MSV is comprised of interconnected residence halls that provide an opportunity to connect and interact with a variety of people on a daily basis. The typical MSV residence hall room is a traditional double room (two students per room).

Jeanne and John Rowe Village (RV)

RV consists of three, five-story buildings facing State Street and backing up to the Chicago Transit Authority’s Green Line elevated train. The complex is made up of two suite-style buildings (two students per bedroom that share a bathroom with an adjoining suite) and one apartment-style building (one student per bedroom) with rooms for 1, 2, 3, or 6 students.

Fraternity & Sorority Housing

Students are also able to live in Fraternity & Sorority chapter houses, should they choose to join a Fraternity or Sorority, after living in a residence hall for, at least, one semester.

Residence Life Handbook

The Residence Life Handbook provides guidelines and expectations for residential students in tandem with the Residence Life Housing and Food Contract. Students living in the residential facilities are expected to be familiar with all policies and procedures in the Handbook. The Handbook is available on the Residence Life website.

Residence Hall Guests and Visitors

Generally, Illinois Tech residence halls welcome friends and family of residents. Visitors of all on campus residential communities are expected to present a valid government issued photo ID to the Community Desk Assistant upon entering the building. They must also be escorted by their resident host while in the building. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in light of public health guidance, Illinois Tech may limit guest access to its residence halls. More information is located in the Residence Life Handbook.

Meal Plans

Residential students are required to participate in a meal plan. Learn more about dining options and available meal plans at www.iit.edu/housing/dining-and-meal-plan.

First and Second Year Residency Requirement

First-year undergraduate students enrolled full-time, as defined in the Illinois Tech Undergraduate Bulletin, are required to live in campus residence halls for two academic years. An academic year consists of both the fall and spring semester of any given term.

Students may apply for a waiver if they live with a parent or legal guardian within the Chicago metro area. The address provided must be no more than twenty (20) miles away from campus via public transit or major roadways. Additional or supporting documentation may be requested. Transfer students with fewer than 3 or more semesters of college work may also apply for an exemption. The Housing Application Waiver can be found in myroom.iit.edu.

7-Eleven 312.842.8030

The 7-Eleven convenience store provides a large array of products for the campus community. Students will find an assortment of snack foods, toiletries, and household type items.

Student Accounting Office - 312.567.3794 - www.iit.edu/student-accounting - Email: sa@iit.edu

Your live student account information is located in the myIIT portal Finances tab. Follow the Manage My Student Account link in the center of the page to view and print statements, see your current balance, recent account activity, make payments or enroll in a payment plan, or establish a direct deposit account for Title IV refunds. Take a moment to read the Illinois Tech Statement of Financial Responsibility, which is set forth in Article IV, Section G.

Vice Provost for Student Affairs, Office of the - 312.567.3081 - www.iit.edu/student-affairs Email: dos@iit.edu

The Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs serves as the coordination center for student advocacy, recognition, and engagement. Services and programming are provided through the Dean of Students Office and the Office of Community Standards and the Office of Student Life.

Student Employment (on-campus) - 312.567.6802 - www.iit.edu/student-employment - Email: seo@iit.edu

The Office of Student Employment, oversees on-campus jobs at Illinois Tech. An on-campus job is more than just a paycheck. On-campus jobs assist students with developing valuable skills for their future career(s). View resume and cover letter resources for tips on standing out in any job market, or speak with a career coach or professor about your job application. You can find both Federal Work Study (FWS) and non-FWS jobs through Handshake - iit.joinhandshake.com/login.

Student Health & Wellness Center (SHWC) - 312.567.7550 - www.iit.edu/shwc - IIT Tower, 3rd floor, room 3D9-1 Email: student.health@iit.edu

The SHWC at Illinois Tech provides quality health and counseling services tailored to the unique and diverse needs of our students. The goal of SHWC is to provide campus health and wellness resources that enable students to achieve their academic goals and promote lifelong wellness. The SHWC provides primary care; laboratory services, psychotherapy, mental health support, health promotion, and outreach programming.

The SHWC provides diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses and injuries with the ability to prescribe medication and/or provide appropriate prescriptions. We also provide immunizations, allergy injections with a preexisting prescription, and offer walk-in appointments. In addition, SHWC provides gynecological care and sexual health screening for men and women. A small fee may incur for labs, diagnostic tests, immunizations and medication(s) given on site.

Our counseling services include psychotherapy, psychiatry, referrals and medication management for those engaging in concurrent psychotherapy. The SHWC does not have a session limit. Our counselors are experienced to address many issues students may face and include, but are not limited to: loneliness, relationship concerns, family issues, self-esteem, depression, anxiety, concentration difficulties, sleeping difficulties, eating disorders, addiction, sexual concerns, anger management, cultural adjustment and other personal issues.

The SHWC clinical services are provided by a team of culturally sensitive professionals. We provide comprehensive clinical services and outreach programs to Illinois Tech students. In addition, SHWC is a resource for consultation to faculty, staff and parents of Illinois Tech students.

Medical appointments, including immunizations and behavioral health counseling appointments can be scheduled by phoning the clinic at 312-567-7550. All services are confidential.

Off campus medical and mental health care options that are available 24-hours per day, every day of the week (including holidays) are listed below:

Physician’s Immediate Care Center
Michigan Avenue Immediate Care Center

Academic Live Care Student Assistance Program
1.866.349.5575 or text “hello” to 61295
National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Illinois Tech Public Safety Department
Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline

City of Chicago Emergency

Hazelden Substance Abuse Recovery

Student Mobility Office - 312.567.3680 - studentmobility.iit.edu/

Illinois Tech offers a wide range of study away programs for undergraduate students, specifically geared to the financial needs and course requirements of Illinois Tech students. Understanding cultural differences in today’s increasingly interconnected world is an important and invaluable skill. Illinois Tech’s study away programs provide excellent opportunities to help you increase your global awareness, and international research and internships allow you to gain a new perspective of your career field. Not only will the experience enhance your job marketability after you graduate, but you’ll learn new ideas, explore other regions of the world, and be better prepared to meet the challenges of a global workforce.

Technology Services, Office of (OTS) - 312.567.3375 - www.iit.edu

OTS supports the Illinois Tech community by providing and maintaining the university’s technology services, including applications (administrative and academic), identity and access management, networks, PC labs and kiosks, printing, security, and more, all with the goal of enhancing the student experience.

In addition to the above-mentioned services, OTS offers annual, mandatory, cybersecurity training for all community members to protect the university from bad actors and establish a culture of cybersecurity at Illinois Tech.

OTS manages Access Illinois Tech (access.iit.edu), which provides two-factor authentication access to the Google Workspace environment, including Gmail and other Google Apps, a majority of the Microsoft 365 applications, the MyIIT portal (for online course registration, financial aid, students accounts, and more), Blackboard, Apporto (i.e., the Virtual Computer Lab (VCL)), Banner, Handshake (jobs), Zoom, and other content.

Given Google’s 5GB storage limitation, OTS encourages you to use M365’s OneDrive for your personal and schoolwork, wherein you benefit from 1TB of storage, until your graduation and transition to an alumnus/a. At that time, the only service you will continue to benefit from is your Illinois Tech email for life.

Course materials are available through Blackboard, Illinois Tech’s learning management system (LMS), in which instructors post notes and other course information. Video lectures can be viewed on Panopto and accessed through Blackboard.

While the physical computer labs are available across campus with lab software refreshed each semester with instructor-directed offerings, OTS highly encourages you to use the Virtual Computing Lab (VCL), which has the vast majority of the physical labs’ applications and is accessible 24/7 from anywhere.

Color, black-and-white, and plotter printers are available throughout campus, including in some residence halls. Every degree-seeking student receives a set amount of $5.00 in free printing credits, or the equivalent of 100 black-and-white, letter-size (8.5" x 11") prints, for each semester they are enrolled in classes. (Law students receive $28.00/semester or the equivalent of 400 black-and-white prints.) To access the university-wide printing system, please visit https://print.iit.edu. Members of the Illinois Tech community can send a print job from their personal device (PC, Mac, tablet, or smartphone) to any printer.

The OTS Support Desk is the central point of contact for technology support at Illinois Tech. Support Desk staff provide technical problem solving and administrative support for our community. Services include troubleshooting, account management, and configuration assistance, though personal hardware support is not offered. A request for technical support may be submitted by opening a ticket via email to supportdesk@iit.edu calling 312-567-3375 (on-campus 7-DESK), or stopping by the upper level of the Galvin Library to speak with a Support Desk staff member in person. OTS Support is also available through a knowledge database on the OTS website (support.iit.edu/) with how-to information for common technical issues and questions.

Ubiquitous wireless service is available university-wide, and Mies Campus residents can now benefit from the IIT-IoT wireless services for gaming, streaming devices, and more. Please see these instructions (www.iit.edu/ots/access/getting-connected ) for connecting to the Internet through the Illinois Tech network, including how to configure your devices. A virtual private network (VPN) is also available to students through the Cisco AnyConnect client.

Title IX Compliance, Office of - 312-567-5725 - www.iit.edu/title-ix/title-ix-compliance Email: titleix@iit.edu

The Office of Title IX Compliance support students and employees involved in instances of sex discrimination, including sexual harassment and misconduct, covered by Title IX, a federal law that prohibits discrimination in education on the basis of sex. It receives and resolves these types of complaints pursuant to the process set forth in Article III of this Student Handbook and provides educational training to the campus community. Instances of sexual harassment and misconduct that are not covered by Title IX are handled pursuant to the processes set forth in Article II of this Student Handbook.

Unauthorized Keys or Keycards

Unauthorized use or possession of keys or keycards for access to Illinois Tech spaces/facilities is prohibited.

UPass -312.567.8968 www.iit.edu/cbsc/u-pass-program Email: ampusbusines@iit.edu

The CTA UPass program is administered by the Campus Business Services Center. Students who are registered for full time academic hours (Grad students - 9 hours, Undergrad students -12 hours) are required to participate in the U-Pass program. The U-Pass fee is a mandatory fee for all full-time students and can only be waived by distance learning students who reside 50 miles or more from Mies Campus. All requests to waive the UPass fee must be submitted through email each semester, by the end of the 4th week of classes. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Campus Business Services Center (MTCC 514 or campusbusiness@iit.edu).

VanderCook College of Music - www.vandercook.edu

Full-time Illinois Tech students in good standing may take courses offered at VanderCook College of Music. Please contact the Office of Undergraduate Academic Affairs for further information. Admission to VanderCook courses is on a space-available basis and students may be asked to audition or to satisfy other requirements prior to acceptance into a VanderCook course. Illinois Tech students can register for many courses including Music Theory, Music History, Symphonic Band, Concert Choir, Philharmonic Orchestra, and private lessons.

Writing Center - www.iit.edu/humanities/student-resources/writing-center

Individual tutors are available to assist students with writing assignments with assignments in engineering, science, and technical communication courses as well as courses in the humanities (literature, history, art & architecture history, philosophy) and social sciences. Students may use the sign-up sheets on the doors of SH 232 and 233 to reserve a specific time. When possible, the Writing Center also accepts students without an appointment.