Core Faculty

The Center for Sports Innovation partners with numerous academic units across the university. Current faculty members who have committed to the Center and their respective areas of expertise include:

  • Shlomo Argamon—Chair, Department of Computer Science, Professor of Computer Science

    Natural Language Processing, biomedical informatics, data science

  • Abhinav Bhushan—Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering

    Chemical and biochemical measurements: inflammation and metabolic diseases

  • Britt Burton-Freeman—Professor, Food Science and Nutrition, Chair, Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Director, Center for Nutrition Research

    Nutrition, performance, diabetes

  • Ali Cinar—Hyosung S. R. Cho Endowed Chair in Engineering; Professor, Chemical Engineering; Director, Center for Diabetes Research and Education

    Performance testing, diabetes, nutrition

  • Natacha DePaola—Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Director, Illinois Tech Digital Medical Engineering and Technology Research and Education Center (IDMET)

    Research physical mechanisms on cellular behavior, the development of new therapies, and the engineering of functional tissues

  • Jeremy Hajek—Industry Associate Professor, Information Technology and Management

    Smart technology, AR/VR

  • Arlen Moller—Associate Professor of Psychology

    Performance, gaming, mental health, AR/VR

  • Georgia Papavasiliou—Professor of Biomedical Engineering, Associate Chair of Undergraduate Affairs in the Department of Biomedical Engineering

    Biomedical engineering, emulsions, hydrogels

  • Zach Pino—Associate Professor,Institute of Design

    Designs feature modularity, sonic and optical effects, and kinetic mechanisms

  • Bo Rodda—Professor of Practice, Institute of Design, Faculty Director, Interprofessional Projects (IPRO) Labs, IPRO Program

    IPRO Labs, design creativity, AR/VR

  • Priyanka Sharma—Associate Professor of Economics

    Finance, innovation, entrepreneurship, industrial organization, applied game theory

  • Matthew Spenko—Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, The Robotics Lab

    Robotics, mechanical design, controls

  • Ankit Srivastava—Associate Professor, Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering

    Soft robotics, digital twins of facilities, AR/VR

  • Fouad Teymour—S.C. Johnson Professor of Chemical Engineering, Director of the Center for Complex Systems and Dynamics

    Polymer engineering, nonlinear dynamics

  • Yan Yan—Assistant Professor of Computer Science

    Computer vision, machine learning, bioinformatics, multimedia