Please contact the Student Accounting Office directly with any additional questions you may have. Email us at

I Have a Hold, How Can I Obtain Unofficial Transcripts?

If you have a Student Accounting hold on your account, you can still obtain unofficial transcripts. Depending on your student type, please use one of these guides: 

Official transcripts for employment purposes can be released directly to your employer. Please email  and attach a copy of your employers transcript request or official employment offer letter.

I Have a Hold, How Can I Obtain Documentation I Completed My Degree?

If you have a Student Accounting hold on your account, you can still obtain a letter indicating you completed your degree at Illinois Tech. Here are the steps you can complete to obtain this official letter of completion:

  1. Visit the National Student Clearinghouse website: You can obtain the letter required for the visa by going to the alumnus picture, and selecting "verify my degree/past attendance."
  2. You can also go to this link directly too:
  3. Once you are on the Verification Services page, you will need to select the option "Degree or School Certificate", then enter your personal information.

How Can I Access My 1098t?

In your Student Portal click, Manage My Account, My Account, Statements, 1098T Tax Statement. Or visit

How Can I Add an Authorized User to My Online Account?

Click, link below, for information about adding a user to your online student account.

Add Authorized User (416.14 KB)

How Can My Parent/Guardian Receive Copies of My Tuition Bill?

You may add other people as Authorized Users who can view your account information and/or make online payments to your account. Access your student account through your myIIT portal on the Welcome tab.

You can add Authorized Users through the Authorized User tab. Once you've entered the name and contact information for your Authorized User, that person will receive an email prompting him/her to create his/her own account. Your new Authorized User will then be copied on subsequent email notifications of statements or tuition bills.

Authorized Users can access your student account information directly through the Authorized User Login Page. They will not need access to your myIIT portal directly.

Add Authorized User (416.14 KB)

How Do I Make a Payment?

For a complete list of tuition payment methods including instructions on sending a wire transfer, visit the Payment Methods page.

If you have a domestic bank account, you can make payments for free online via electronic check by using your bank routing and account number. Access our secure online pay site through the Welcome tab of the myIIT portal, clicking Manage My Student Account link under the Student Accounting Dashboard.

Credit cards are also accepted online for an additional transaction fee.

Where Is My Tuition Bill? Can You Send Me a Copy?

An archive of all recent bills is available online. You can access your student account through your myIIT portal on the Welcome tab. Once you launch our online system, your bill is located under the My Account tab.

Each time a new bill is issued, you and your authorized users will receive an email.

Where Is My Refund?

Financial aid and other tuition credits are applied to your account after the semester starts. Once all funds are posted to your account, the Student Accounting Office will begin generating refunds.

In order to receive your refund, you must be enrolled in direct deposit. You may enroll through Manage My Account link, on the Welcome tab, in the myIIT portal, under the Student Accounting Dashboard.

I Have Questions About My Perkins Loan (Or Other Institutional Loan). Who Should I Ask?

IIT has contracted with ECSI, a third-party loan servicer, for all Perkins and institutional loans. Any questions or issues related to these types of loans should be directed to that company. ECSI can be contacted by phone at 888.549.3274 or by email at

If you have recently been awarded a Perkins or other institutional loan, you will be contacted by ECSI prior to the beginning of classes with instructions for how to complete your promissory note and entrance interview.