The following is a list of the faculty affiliates across the university and their current research in issues related to energy and sustainability. A number of research centers are also conducting research programs in these areas.

Armour College of Engineering

Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

  • Javad Abbasian: carbon capture, process design, gasification processes
  • Hamid Arastoopour: natural gas, carbon capture, renewable energy, urban farming, CFD apps. in energy processes
  • Mohammad Asadi: energy conversion (CO2 reduction, water splitting); energy storage (metal-ion, metal-air batteries)
  • Donald Chmielewski: power system modeling, design, control; smart grid coordinated chemical systems; economics
  • Ali Cinar: energy system modeling, supervision, and control; human energy systems
  • Sameh Elsaidi: porous materials, membranes, carbon capture, nuclear waste management, sustainable energy
  • Sohail Murad: water desalination; redox flow batteries; long-duration energy storage; phase-change materials
  • Satish Parulekar: bioenergy; reaction engineering
  • J. Robert Selman: batteries and fuel cells
  • Fouad Teymour: bioenergy, production of fuels from algae, kinetic hydroponic
  • Bipin Vora: catalytic dehydrogenation, detergent alkylation, methanol to olefins, motor fuel HF alkylation, refining
  • Darsh Wasan: interfacial and film rheology, enhanced oil recovery

Department of Civil, Architectural and Environmental Engineering

  • Paul Anderson: water and wastewater; resource recovery; water quality modeling
  • David Arditi: construction management; life cycle costing; IT in building design; optimized sustainable design
  • Edoarda Corradi Dell'Acqua: design integration; zero-energy building design; high-performance building design
  • David Lampert: energy and water sustainability; contaminant fate/transport; hydrology; water quality modeling
  • Zongzhi Li: vehicle fuel consumption, vehicle crashes, vehicle noise pollution, vehicle air emissions; traffic congestion
  • Mehdi Modares: structural dynamics; damage detection of wind turbine structures
  • Jamshid Mohammadi: system reliability; prob. methods; performance-based design; network/failure analyses
  • Ivan Mutis: technologies for sustainable construction; construction informatics
  • Kenneth Noll: characterize. of atmospheric carbon emissions; modeling transport/fate of atmospheric contaminants
  • Brent Stephens: built environment; sustainable buildings; building science; indoor air quality; human exposure

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Lin Cai: sustainable wireless communication system
  • Alexander Flueck: power system stability and control
  • Mahesh Krishnamurthy: HEV/EV; auto. powertrain/thermal mgmt.; energy storage; autonomous veh./robotics
  • Zuyi Li: renewable energy--power grid/microgrid/nanogrid integration, uncertainty management, electricity markets
  • Jafar Saniie: image processing, statistical pattern recognition, neural networks, data compression
  • Mohammad Shahidehpour: power engineering, grid / microgrid / nanogrid, renewable energy, electricity markets
  • Qing-Chang Zhong: control, power electronics and power systems, microgrid

Department of Mechanical, Materials, and Aerospace Engineering

  • Sumanta Acharya: gas turbine power gen.; hydrogen/biofuel combustion.; powerplant cooling; heat exchangers
  • Kenneth Christensen: geologic CO2 sequestration; turbulence interactions with complex topography; flow-form feedbacks related to dune formation and evolution in desert environments; desertification processes
  • Seebany Datta-Barua: navigation, remote sensing, atmospheric dynamics
  • Carrie Hall: high-efficiency internal combustion engines; alternative fuels; advanced automotive powertrains
  • Baisravan HomChaudhuri: energy mgmt. of hybrid elect. vehicles, connected vehicles, model predictive control
  • Amir Mostafaei: energy-efficient, cost-effective production. of light-weight, high-temp. superalloys via adv. manufacturing.
  • Philip Nash: materials processing
  • Aleksandar Ostrogorsky: heat and mass transfer phenomena in materials processing
  • Boris Pervan: navigation systems, autonomous vehicles, fault detection and isolation
  • Francisco Ruiz: transportation; energy generation; thermodynamics; energy storage
  • Leon Shaw: nanomaterials synthesis and processing; Li-ion, Na-ion, and redox flow batteries; supercapacitors
  • Matthew Spenko: autonomous vehicle localization safety

Chicago-Kent College of Law

College of Architecture

College of Computing

Department of Applied Mathematics

  • Fred J. Hickernell: Adaptive/Reliable Simulation; Computational Complexity; Monte Carlo Methods; Surrogate Models
  • Lulu Kang: Statistical Methodologies

Department of Computer Science

  • Matthew Bauer: computer programming
  • Nik Sultana: distributed systems, datacenter networking, cybersecurity, mathematical modeling

Department of Industrial Technology and Management

  • Blake Davis: urban agriculture; diurnal electrical energy storage; agricultural lighting; vert. farming; aquaponics
  • Nancy Hamill Governale: sustainability and energy efficiency master plan for existing/new bldgs./communities
  • Jeremy Hajek: drone batteries; solar- and battery-based computing
  • Donatas Tijunelis: sustainability of critical materials

Lewis College of Science and Letters

Department of Biology

  • Ben Stark: genetic engineering of bacteria; wastewater treatment; bacterial hemoglobin; bioethanol production

Department of Chemistry

  • Adam Hock: solar energy conversion, catalysis, inorganic and organometallic synthesis, materials and vapor dep.
  • M. Ishaque Khan: functional materials; energy storage, chem. sensors; ind. catalysis; env. decontamination
  • Braja Mandal: batteries and supercapacitors for energy storage
  • Yuanbing Mao: nanomaterials synthesis/properties, catalysis, energy storage/conversion, water remediation, solid-state lighting

Department of Physics

  • Ali Khounsary: heat transfer, thermal management
  • Károly Németh: materials design; functionalized 2D materials; functionalized hexagonal boron nitride cathodes; nitrogen-based charge storage; carbon dioxide battery
  • Carlo Segre: Li-ion battery materials; flow batteries; fuel cells
  • Jeff Terry: electronic structure, radiochemistry, radiation damage, multilayer structures, synchrotron radiation char.

Department of Psychology

  • Eun-Jeong Lee: rehabilitation; community-based assistive tech.; electrified personal mobility; psych. adaptation

Department of Social Sciences

  • Hao Huang: foreign direct investment and transboundary pollution; energy and society; inequality and poverty
  • Jonathan Rosenberg: environmentally sustainable development; foreign aid and the global environment
  • Ullica Segerstrale: societal impact of emerging technologies
  • Matthew Shapiro clean energy policy; climate change-related communications; transboundary air pollution

Institute of Design

  • Laura Forlano: urban informatics, driverless and autonomous transportation systems
  • Carlos Teixeira: design strategy, open innovation, sustainable solutions

Stuart School of Business

  • Weslynne Ashton: industrial ecology; circular economy; sustain. business strategy/performance; social entrepreneur
  • Ghazale Haddadian: analytical models for economic and strategic operation of power systems
  • Sang Baum Kang: energy finance; electricity market; crude oil market; real-option decisions under uncertainty
  • Nasrin Khalili: sustainability design and decision-making science; sustainable operation and supply chain
  • Liad Wagman: economic modeling; equilibrium analysis; cost-benefit analysis; strategic analysis