Buy It eMarketplace

What is Buy It eMarketplace?

Buy It eMarketplace is Illinois Tech’s eProcurement system and the preferred method to purchase all goods and services for and by the University, including faculty members, students and researchers.

You can complete the New User Registration Form to get access to Buy It.
Buy It should be used as much as possible for all applicable purchases for your work at the University, including for grants/research projects.

Buy It User Guides and Reference Materials

eMarketplace Punch-out Vendors

We are currently working with various current high spend and high use vendors of Illinois Tech to establish convenient eMarketplace punch-out catalogs that would provide end users with a customer friendly online shopping experience, competitive pricing, and streamlined processes and services. The following vendors currently have a punch-out catalog in the Buy It eMarketplace:

eMarketplace Punch-Out Vendors

Buy it eProcurement supplier registration

In order to participate with Illinois Tech, the vendor simply needs to register in the Buy It system.

Registration is free and will provide you with the ability to:

  • Receive orders from your customers electronically by email
  • Create invoices electronically and view the status of all invoices
  • Manage and share your company details electronically
  • View and respond to Electronic Bid Requests

Buy It eMarketplace Procure-to-Pay Process

Please remember the following procure-to-pay related processes should all go through Buy It eMarketplace, including:

  • New Supplier Request - adding new vendors to Buy It
  • Obtaining Quotes from Buy It vendors
  • All requisitions (Standard Orders) - please remember the >$500 rule for requisitions no longer applies
  • All check requests, reimbursements and invoice payments (Retrofit Orders)
  • Blanket Purchase Orders (fund encumbrance) - great with recurring invoices with the same vendor, or multiple invoices for the same PO
  • Wire Transfer Request - must indicate wire transfer in Buy It requisition and attach / upload the Wire Transfer Request form
  • Shopping Amazon Business - must go through Buy It to shop Amazon Business using the university's Amazon Prime account

If you have any Buy It related questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Madeline Olszak, the Director of Procurement Services and Lauren Hickey, our Procurement Systems Administrator.