Graduation Requirements

A student has the ultimate responsibility to fulfill all graduation requirements as specified in the IIT Bulletin in effect at the time of admission to IIT. This includes completing all the curriculum requirements for the degree and complying with all academic and administrative rules governing the specific degree program.

Curriculum Change

In the event that curriculum requirements change before a specific degree program can be completed, a student must have their department chair's approval to make course substitutions or to follow an alternate curriculum.

Application for Graduation

Students must submit an Application for Graduation through the myIIT portal under the Academics tab at the beginning of the semester in which they plan to graduate. The specific deadlines to submit this form are found in the IIT calendar. Failure to meet the specific deadline will delay the date of graduation and the awarding of a diploma. A late fee will be assessed for applications received after the published deadline date.

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students must complete the following in order to graduate:

  • IIT core curriculum (learning goals).
  • Curriculum requirements including required number of credit hours, for specific degree program.
  • Academic Residence requirement. The final 45 semester hours towards a degree must be completed at IIT.
  • A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.00 and a minimum major grade point average of 2.00. In the event a student completes all curriculum requirements for a specific degree program but does not meet a minimum grade point average, written approval of both the student's department chair and dean of the Undergraduate College is required prior to registering for additional courses.
  • Completion of all the above within a period of eight calendar years from the semester of initial admission for full-time students or twelve calendar years for part-time students after achieving degree-seeking status. A student may petition the major department and the dean of the Undergraduate College to have this period extended; if approved, this extension may involve additional compensating academic requirements.
  • Payment of all financial obligations to the university must be made before a student can receive their diploma or access their transcripts.

Incomplete in the Final Semester

If a student receives a grade of "I" (Incomplete) in the final semester, curriculum requirements are not completed. The student will not receive a diploma dated for that semester and must submit a new Application for Graduation form.

Graduation Ceremony Contact

For information on the graduation ceremony contact the Registrar's office or you can view the information online at

Applying for Graduation

Students who plan to finish all degree requirements must submit an online graduation application by the deadline for the semester of graduation, published on the Academic Calendar. To access the application, go to the Student Records link under the Academics tab in the myIIT portal (see detailed instructions).

All graduation correspondence will be sent to your IIT email account.