Office of the Registrar

Faculty and Staff

Faculty and staff resources for the Chicago-Kent College of Law are available on its website.

Information pertinent to Illinois Tech faculty and staff can be found in the "Office of the Registrar—Faculty & Staff Resources" channel under the "Teaching" tab on the myIIT portal.

Banner 9 Self Service

Banner is Illinois Tech's Student Information System (SIS), which houses all faculty, staff, and student data. Illinois Tech has transitioned to Banner 9 Self Service, which includes some modules for faculty and advisors. Please refer to the guides in the "Office of the Registrar—Faculty & Staff Resources" channel.

Faculty Grade Entry

Grading periods include MIDTERM grades and FINAL term grades. To be able to enter grades in Banner 9, the faculty member needs to be assigned as the primary instructor for the class in the Banner system. Each class will have a Course Reference Number (CRN) for each unique lecture and for each linked section such as a laboratory (if applicable). After importing/uploading grades into Banner 9, the instructor will generate a validation report that will guide them to correct import errors. Then, they can re-import a corrected version of the spreadsheet.

In summary, the steps to enter student grades in Banner 9 are:

  • Log in to
  • Submit grades to Banner 9 (manually or by an import/upload)
  • Validate that the grades were entered without errors
  • Generate a summary of grades submitted for the section