The Office of Residence Life oversees the functions of residence life, conference housing, and student meal plans.

There are nine residence halls at Illinois Tech, including three apartment buildings, in which 1,400 students can make their “home away from home” while they pursue their education. The residence halls offer a focused and dynamic living and learning environment. In addition, the Office of Residence Life coordinates operational efforts with several university-affiliated Greek houses.


The Office of Residence Life fosters a safe and inclusive learning-focused community. We complement the academic mission of Illinois Tech and promote responsibility for self, others, and the university community.      

Learning Outcomes

The Office of Residence Life aspires to deliver a co-curricular experience that cultivate:

  • Responsibility for self—students will recognize opportunities for making reflective decisions, understand the impact of their decisions, and be empowered to engage in self-advocacy
  • Responsibility for others—students will identify and design ways of engaging in healthy relationships with others from diverse backgrounds and show an understanding of how their behavior affects others; students will take initial steps to resolve conflicts with others without seeking outside assistance
  • Responsibility for the university community—students will deploy their knowledge and talents to improve the Illinois Tech community and to mobilize others to create and contribute to a safe community