Housing Options

Student Housing

What does it mean to live on campus? Well, it’s a lot more than having a place to sleep. It’s your home while you’re here. The place where you hang out with friends. Talk to your roommates. Study. Kick back. Relax. Store your stuff. Sleep. Eat. It’s your own space. The place that says something about who you are, what you like, and what’s important to you.

Moving on campus into one of our residence halls will prove to be a wonderful experience! Our mission is to empower residents by providing leadership opportunities and support services that foster community development, academic success, and personal growth. The Office of Residence Life provides a quality living environment that promotes the well-being of campus residents and guests through well-maintained facilities and accommodations.

Our residence halls offer a focused and dynamic living and learning environment. Living on campus has additional benefits such as close proximity to your classes, The McCormick Tribune Campus Center, Keating Sports Center, and access to a wide variety of events and programs that are hosted at various buildings across campus.