Policies, Standards and Processes

University Policies

The following links are to technology related university policies.

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Use of Technology Resources
Privacy Policy *
Record and E-mail Retention
Technology and Telephonic Infrastructure Capabilities
Use of University Provided Mobile Internet

OTS Standards, Processes and Procedures

In addition to university policies, OTS has developed standards, processes and procedures for the delivery of services to the university community. The following links are provided to those resources.

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Abuse Response Process *
Acceptable Use of OTS Resources *
Access Control Plan *
Audio-Visual Standards *
Audit Plan *
Authentication Policy *
Authentication Standard *
Cabling Standards *
Computer Lab and Printing Accounts Standards *
Configuration and Baseline Standard *
Configuration Management Plan *
Data Plan *
Data Policy *
Data Standard *
Disaster Recovery Plan *
Encryption Standard *
Equipment Rental and Checkout *
Google Workspace Standards - Faculty/Staff *
Google Workspace Standards - Students *
Incident Response Plan *
Incident Response Policy *
Incident Response Standard *
Media Protection Plan *
Mobile Device Policy *
Multi-Factor Authentication Standard *
Non-Interference with Technology Infrastructure *
Patch Management Policy *
PC Lab Software Management Process *
PC Lab Usage Rules *
Privacy Policy *
Printing for IIT Groups *
Printing for Non-IIT Groups *
Remediation Policy *
Risk Management Plan *
Risk Management Policy *
Security Training Plan *
Static IP Addresses Standards *
System and Communications Protection Plan *
System and Data Integrity Plan *
System, Services, and Asset Lifecycle Management Plan *
Virtual Private Network (VPN) Procedures *
Vulnerability Management Plan *
Vulnerability Management Policy *
Vulnerability Management Standard *
Web Database Standards *
Web Server Accounts Standards *

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